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”Take root in the ground

Live in harmony with the wind

Plant your seeds in the winter

And rejoice with the birds

In the coming spring!”

”A king without compassion does not deserve a kingdom. No matter the technology, a world cannot live without love.”  It’s annoying that the action of a single man can have ripple effect on millions of lives. I’ve watched in disbelief as the Syrian dictator is killing his people, and some of us could shrug our shoulders without giving a thought to what’s happening but the effects could be more than we can cope with. I hope things would not come to a head and the actions of a few would not have a devastating effect in the world.


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I would be going away for a last-minute break with my family before they resume school on Monday, I have missed some cool posts, and I promise to read as much as I can today and tomorrow before our short get away.

Thanks for your kindness, I hope September would be a month of harmony and peace to you my friends, wherever you may be in the world!

Much love, always!


Sitting On The Fence!

Power Lines

(Photo Credit: Andrea Krappweis)

I really want to make this a short post, but I guess I’ll just flow with the current. I’ve read and watched with a growing amount of apprehension at the recent UN decision to lift the arms embargo in Syria… I know – some of you might scoff or even snigger, what’s Syria got to do with me? But please, just read on.

Syria is comfortably in the Middle East, faraway from your suburban street with well laid lawns and ripening flowers in their blooms. You watched your kids get on the school bus, (or you take them) like I do every blessed morning but Syria can really come to our doorstep to hunt us.

Remember world war 2? Most of you don’t, I wasn’t even born then. Okay, let me bring things closer, what about Afghanistan? Osama Bin Laden? Yeah, at least that should jolt your memory. What about the Soviet Union and their infamous treaty with Hitler? And Hitler is not one to keep to little flimsy deals, he didn’t and he still invaded the Soviets, millions lost their lives. Well, Soviet Union has not learnt its (her? he?) lessons! The Soviets are still supporting Assad’s bloody campaign, with Iran!

What am I driving at, you may wonder. People are dying daily in Syria, blood is literally flowing on the streets unhindered, and to make matters worse, UN has lifted the arms embargo, and Britain and France would be sending arms to rebels. I even saw John McCain ( he lost the Presidential race against President Obama) in the papers grinning with some of the rebels.

Some people believed CIA had a lot do with Osama Bin Laden, check this article here;

I don’t care because the guy is dead, but if the report is true, won’t the same thing happen in Syria? If the rebels eventually overthrow Bashar Assad, won’t the rebels turn against the West, like Osama did and then we’ll be talking about another wave of terrorism? The Middle East is considered a volatile region, war is not pretty, thousands are dying daily, sending arms to a fragmented country on the brink of collapse is just going to make things bad.

There’s little or nothing I can do but write, after all, some said ‘the pen is mightier than the sword,’ (or the nukes) as the case may be. I’m not sitting on the fence, I’ve said my piece. I just pray and hope that one day, we’ll see an end to all wars, suffering, hunger, hatred, bitterness…

Do you notice the gathering clouds in that picture? It’s a huge contrast to the power lines and beautiful landscape. I hope Syria would not blight our lives, I pray they (international community) would find a solution to end the blood shed soon, but not arming the rebels. It’s not a comfortable thought! Fighting violence with violence can only result in more casualties!

I hope this beautiful world of ours will not drench herself in the blood of the innocent.

Much love friends, and thanks for reading this post!

A Coup In The White House? ( I See You…)

English: President Barack Obama sits behind th...

Yes, Mr President,’ Obama Diary replied and sniffed, his right hand rested on the ‘Resolute desk.’ I walked into the Oval office with a limp, the west wing of the white house (had no idea what that is) was in the hands of the coup plotters. I am the director of the CIA and the information had filtered to me about the coup prior to its execution, the problem is, I couldn’t do anything to stop it, the coup plotters aren’t human, they are out of this world (aliens… machines!)

‘Mr President,’ I began and cleared my throat, ‘I know some great people, kind, loyal to our great nation..’

‘Cut to the chase woman and tell us who these men are.’

My eyebrow shot up in suppressed rage, ‘who said anything about men Mr. President?’

The President gave me a stony glare and I continued,

ReadingPleasure, she’s a blogger but one of the fiercest fighter I’d ever seen, Boomie nee Olubunmi, she’s a martial artist with a black belt for her trouble, she’ll probably write a poem to dissuade the plotters. There’s also Jueseppi B, a friend of your PA,’ and I motioned towards Obama Diary, whose dark penetrative eyes had regained some colour. To cut to the chase like you suggested, the leader of this great men and women is silentlyheardonce. She’s never been defeated before, a simple look from her and the plotters are dead metals.’

‘Bring them in,’ the President said quietly, his brown eyes had gone a shade darker. I moved towards the door and remembered another thing.

‘By the way Mr. President, the print edition of ‘The Feet Of Darkness,’ is out, there would be a party… after the plotters had been arrested of course.’

The President gave me a forced grin, he looked tired. I walked to the room where my WordPress pals are waiting. We are going to save the world! ( I meant to say, the white house of course!) (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)

N.P: This is just a figment of my imagination and an update on my recent post ‘I See You…’  It’s all fiction but the part about ‘The Feet Of Darkness’ is true. The paperback is finally out, it’s available on several online retailers and bookshops would soon be stocking it across the country. I’m working on the promos and stuff. There would be an update every now and then. Book signings are also planned in London, might have virtual book tours too, if you want me to tour your blog, do let me know by contacting me on  (my google email is safe… and yahoo too)

Thank you friends for all your support and love, I’m grateful!

🙂 🙂

Eyes Of A Critic

The Critic

The Critic (Photo credit: A river runs through)

”Do you know the easiest job in the world?” My friend asked nibbling through her popcorn as we watched Mel Gibson‘s acclaim film, ‘The Patriot.’

”No,” I replied absent-mindedly, totally engrossed with Mel Gibson hacking through the body of a British soldier who had taken his son.

”The job of a critic,”  she declared self righteously, her eyes spitting fire and I groaned inwardly, knowing exactly where the conversation was heading.

”Huh,” I grunted and she got the message. I was not going to allow her distract my attention from the film.

The film was over before I knew it and I saw her off,  we chatted briefly about the story line and the American war of Independence and she left with a promise to keep in touch. On my way back home, I thought about the question she’d asked earlier.

We are all critics one way or the other, watching X factor, I had my favourites contestants, there are some books I would never read, some music I would never listen to and some movies I would never watch and I think I am not alone. That doesn’t make me a critic but I just chose not to like such forms of entertainment.

Granted, it’s easy to criticise but sometimes critics can build us up and make us a better person. Writers hated bad reviews with a passion, I do and I even dread it with every fibre of my being but sometimes you can see through the eyes of a critic and improve yourself.

But some people would never see anything good about anything or anybody, people like that have problems, deep-seated issues about their lives.

Maybe you’ve come across people like that in your neighbourhood, it could be anywhere, my advice… Just ignore them and live your life with no care in the world!

Everyone cannot love you, Barack Obama can testify to that. It is deeply imbedded in our makeup as humans, we are irrevocably fallible and prone to seeking people’s approval, when we don’t even realise it.

And the great news is  while some people might hate your gut others may simply kiss the ground you walk on.

Who You Chose To Be…

English: In January 2009, President of the Uni...

English: In January 2009, President of the United States of America, George W. Bush invited then President-Elect Barack Obama and former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter for a Meeting and Lunch at The White House. Photo taken in the Oval Office at The White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is about choices, right now in some states, Americans are already voting for their next President, the man who would lead them for the next four years. If Obama did not seek for a re-election, someone else in his party would be standing in his place right now!

But he chose to do it again. Obama could have been selling drugs but he chose to go to school, study hard and make something of his life. Romney ( I don’t really know much about him) chose to get rich and he did.

Where am I going with this you may ask? It’s simple, you can choose to ruin your life or choose to forget about the mistakes of your past, your failures, your bitterness, hurts and forge ahead to break down new barriers.

Like yesterday, I chose not to write a single word of my novel, and today I am itching to start, I can even write more than five thousand words, it’s all about choices.

You can choose to be poor by not going to work or by drinking yourself  into a stupor every night, psychiatrists call that addiction right? But I call it bad choices!

And you can choose to sit tight and write a 50,000,00 word novel this month of fiction fever (NaNoWrimo) and win a publishing contract. Or maybe, self publish it and make no sales or… a lot of sales.

Life is about choices and I hope to God, we’ll make the right one today!

Squally Sandy

East Didsbury

East Didsbury (Photo credit: paulhome)

It’s all over the news, a mammoth storm ( tagged Hurricane Sandy, what a horrible name!) of great proportion is to hit the East coast of America affecting more than 50 million people spanned over eight states which has now declared a state of emergency.

My heart goes out to everyone in the line of this brutish, atrocious monster. Nature is arrogant, stiff-necked, downright selfish. Nature can take your house and you dare not talk! What courtroom would you take this gargantuan monster to? Nature cannot be tamed, it cannot be held to account. How would you approach it? Can you scold nature, can you tell it to shut its horrible howling face and tell it to get lost?

It will come back with a vengeance to haunt you! It will slap your face and you dare not retaliate? How can you? When you’ve got sand in your face and gravel in your mouth! When your fancy stiletto shoes gave you no refuge.

But I want to drag nature to court!! Now who is with me?

(I think every where is kind of silent)

I asked James Bond (Daniel Craig) and he took to his heels, even his fancy, custom-made cars were no match for nature. I knocked on the door of Barack Obama but he told me he was preparing for his election, but he promised to protect the American people, ( now I believed him, no fancy speech can halt Sandy’s fury) I drove to Romney’s house but his stern face aides won’t let me in except am a devout Mormon or his die-hard supporter, but I am neither. But I screamed my voice hoarse that nature is on the loose and we have to contain it. The door was slammed on my flushed face… Can you imagine my disgust at been shunned for trying to bring nature to justice?

Now after exhausting all my options, I sank to my knees, surely God would intervene and avert a major catastrophe.

Can you guys at least pray with me?