Today’s Ours…


Life’s full of uncertainties, and honestly, we just have to live on regardless of what the day may bring.

How do we really deal with stuff we aren’t expecting? Do we curl up in a ball and bawl our eyes out, or do we just ride the storm? Do we fight with clenched teeth ready to conquer? I say we live each day believing that we have the strength to overcome whatever comes our way.

Ruby Dee was an American actress and writer’s whose words positively impacted my life:

Today is ours, let’s live it.
And love is strong, let’s give it.
A song can help, let’s sing it.
And peace is dear, let’s bring it.
The past is gone, don’t rue it.
Our work is here, let’s do it.
The world is wrong, let’s right it.
The battle is hard, let’s fight it.
The road is rough, let’s clear it.
The future’s vast, don’t fear it.
Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it.
Because today is ours, let’s take it.



I hope you’ll all enjoy the rest of your wonderful weekend.

Let’s live each day to the full!

Much love, always.

22 comments on “Today’s Ours…

  1. This poem says so much. I think line is great: “Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it”. Ididn’t know Ruby Dee wrote poetry. Inspiring ….
    Isadora 🙏🏻

  2. and Ossie Davis, a great duo..thanks for inspiring poem ❤

  3. A potent poem, its power is far-reaching. And that’s why I believe writers are immortal. When they pass away, their words lives on. Great article Seyi

  4. Ste J says:

    We should always strive to be the best and make the world a better place. Life is a challenge but at least it gives us some time to put our feet up too!

  5. unclerave says:

    Reblogged this on Unclerave's Wordy Weblog and commented:
    Great words from Ruby Dee, via Seyi Sandra! Enjoy, friends. — YUR

  6. Eric Alagan says:

    Quote “How do we really deal with stuff we aren’t expecting?” Unquote

    With the strong conviction that God will not give me challenges that I cannot endure or overcome – for my strength comes from Him and He knows best.

    Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings,

  7. Neha Sharma says:

    Love the poem! ❤

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