Faith Of The Writer And Other Stories.

Faith Happens

Faith Happens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing is serious business (or any other career for that matter) you write because you believed you have something unique to share to the world and it’s a very risky business indeed to labour, work tirelessly with little breaks churning out your literary best and not have faith in yourself.

Blogging is the same but slightly different. You can blog with only your close friends or family members as your audience and you might not give a hoot about having few or no followers perusing your page. Why? Because you’ve got nothing to lose.

But If writing is your business, your life and everything you live for then you are in big trouble if you don’t have faith, in yourself and in your prospective readers.

What do I mean by faith? It means to have confidence in your ability to carry your readers along, to write what they want to read and believe me that is hard work. Faith and vision are two separate things, your vision is your idea of what you perceived is right, it’s like a revelation, while faith is the confidence you have to even believe in your idea in the first place but the most important thing is to believe in yourself and mark my words, you will always find people who believe in your work too!


Now, why not forget what I have just said about writing and just pick faith. Do you have faith in yourself and people around you? Or are you the kind of person who doesn’t trust easily?

I was that kind of person before (not anymore!) My motto  was ”guilty until proven innocent” I guess because I have been repeatedly lied to by people I really trust (especially female friends) and I just don’t believe a word people tell me anymore.

But as time goes on, I kind of had a change of heart. I don’t deal with the situation at hand, I deal with the person. I don’t need to have faith in someone before I love them, I just do! Regardless of what they might say or do, it doesn’t really matter. What is really important is, I don’t give myself headaches whether my friend is lying or telling the truth.

Succinctly put, my new motto is, ”Innocent until proven guilty

What about you? What is your motto? Do you trust easily?, Do you have faith in yourself and people around you?

Share your thoughts and stories with me…

15 comments on “Faith Of The Writer And Other Stories.

  1. Well…when it comes to relationships no, I don’t trust easily. I’m working on it though. I do, however, trust and have faith in myself and the people around me. The people in my life have been by my side for years, so I absolutely have faith and trust in them. As far as trusting myself, well, who else can I trust, if I can’t even trust myself? My Motto: “Life is as easy or as hard as I think it is.”

  2. I’ve Never Had A Motto…
    …I Try To Trust, But It’s Such A Daunting And Impossible Feeling Task At Times…
    …And I Have No Faith, Except In That People Are Going To Do As People Do, And The Only One Of Those People I Can Control In Any Way Is Myself.
    I Guess Life’s Just Kinda Funny That Way.
    Excellent Post, Ma’am.
    Excellent Indeed.

  3. notedinnashville says:

    I learned from a very wise man that the key to success in life and relationships is to take good care of yourself. He used to say, “The good ones know the good ones.” So, if I work to be the very best writer/musician/etc. I can, then I’ll recognize other good writers/musicians/etc. If I work to be the very best person I can, then I’ll recognize other good people when they come into my life.

  4. K says:

    Not sure I have a motto–more like a mantra–which is, “Everything always works out [for the best].” I add the “for the best” because I don’t care for dangling prepositions. 🙂 I also believe in faith and have tried to let go of judging others and feeding stress. I, too, have been hurt much in past years, but I have learned that I have to be open to find connection…and I crave connection.
    Nice post! 🙂

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks K, I love your comment, it was very insightful and I think connecting with people is important, hence, just let go of their imperfections. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  5. A tough question. I think I believed the worst of people…until I started blogging. It’s opened me to a world where people are kinder, and dream bigger, and it has given me a chance to breathe. As K says above, for the first time I feel like I can let go of judgment and expectations, and just work on being the best I can be. And support others to do the same. Do I have faith? Absolutely… 🙂

  6. filmhipster says:

    My motto, as a Graphic Designer has always been “Get it done, make it beautiful.” As long as I have faith in myself using that creed then I can usually implement my tasks to the best of my abilities. I think every profession has their own creed, but in the end they all represent the same thing.

    Nice post.

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