Literary Giants

I love Prof Wole Soyinka’s literary prowess immensely. He is a great playwright, novelist, commentator, Activist, the list is endless

I love his choice of words in his Book, ‘Ake, Year Of Childhood’

His words flowed seamlessly and it sort of drew you to witness events in the book as they unfolded, I really love it. It sent me on a tour of Abeokuta where he grew up and at was also hilarious the way he described ‘wild Christian’ who I later found out was his mother. Throughout the novel, I was held spellbound.

I first read his acclaimed novel, ‘The Man Died’ when I was in Secondary school and I must confess that I had no foggiest idea what he was on about, he could be a difficult and complex writer when he wanted to be and I admire him for it.

Anyway, when I got to the university, I dusted the novel off and read it again. This time around, it was easy and I grasped the idea behind the plot. His solitary confinement provided an inlet to pour out his soul. it was a very beautiful, striking and great book, need I say more? undoubtedly not!

One comment on “Literary Giants

  1. Prof Soyinka is renowned as a legend of literature!

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