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Dear Friends,

I am so blessed to have faithful readers who have stuck with me through the years and I am proud to announce that the second edition of the ”The Feet Of Darkness” a supernatural thriller which would automatically  transport you to a world indescribable would be on your hands before christmas

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As a hint of what might be lurking behind the pages of ”The Feet Of Darkness,” let me introduce you to the wonderfully naïve nuclear scientist, Michael Crest whose disappearance and apparent suicide sparks a change in the world order.

Michael is coerce to help a West African country attain  nuclear power but what he has no knowledge of is that powers beyond his wildest imagination were waiting patiently to pounce on him once he steps into the shores of Nigeria.

Events soon spiral out of his control as he is embroil in a dark twisted plan concocted from the gates of hell. Darkness looms precariously wherever he turns and he has no choice but to fight back so he can hold his family in his arms again.

Michael is teetering on the edge of destruction, can he prevent his own demise  and actually save his family from a faceless enemy determined to kill and destroy?

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  1. Seyi,how can l get copies of your books?

  2. Subscribed to your newsletter!!

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