The Masterpiece

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leonardo studied the painting and was not satisfied with the direction it was going. He’d spent hours brushing it up but Leonardo wasn’t convinced, when the Lady La Gioconda sat down for the portrait, it was easy but now, putting finishing touches to it seemed like a herculean task. In anger, he yanked it off and took it to his sparsely furnished room and hid it under the bed.

Straightening up, he sauntered outside his room, staring mournfully at his tools, he felt no inspiration, nothing. His mind was dead, his brains passive, his emotions bland and then out of the blues, he saw a rat.

His brown eyes followed the rat everywhere, the more he scrutinised it, the more he felt the fluttering of visions and hope surge in his heart. He hurried back to his room, gently drag the painting from under its hiding place and resumed work. His flurried hands began the arduous task of creating the masterpiece that would be one of the most important paintings of all time. With his hand under his chin, he surveyed his handiwork and was quiet satisfied at the result.

Alas, behold Mona Lisa.

I believe we are all masterpiece in our own little world but let me play with your imagination a bit…

I was  Lisa del Gioconda née Gherardini  now a writer living in London.

Have you ever felt that lingering sensation that you’ve lived before, in eras long gone? I am  a writer so it is very easy for me to transport myself to 1479 when I was born to 1542 when I died. So if I was the Lady La Gioconda, what did I do except pose for a painting which is now one of the most famous paintings of all time? I wish she did more than just sit down for a portrait commissioned by her husband, maybe supported a just cause, a charity, gave to the poor?

Lisa was not known nor celebrated in her time, she lived a peaceful simple life, records had it she loved her husband… or they loved each other (I am a hopeless romantic, spare me!)

So, here is the deal… How would you loved or want to be remembered? Let’s say in the next five hundred years, what would people say or write about you?

Just give it a thought guys because I am dying to know!



36 comments on “The Masterpiece

  1. yepiratesays says:

    Very difficult question!

  2. Seyi sandra says:

    Ok… I’ll wait it out!

  3. it always seems the people who are remembered don’t try to be. like Mona Lisa. she wasn’t sitting there thinking, “Damn right. This painting of me will be famous one day.”
    She just lived. That’s what I’ll do. Let the historians write history.

  4. I would want to be remembered as kind, not nice; intelligent, not smart; loving, not dependent; hopeful not negative; encouraging not critical

  5. Ben Naga says:


    This obscure scribbler
    Would rather never

    To have been (inaccurately,
    of course) well known

    Than to (inevitably)
    Been misremembered

  6. “He was one of those who remembered that he didn’t need to be remembered since he was really with you when he was with you and you never forgot it, so he was able to completely relax and just be whatever he was whenever he was with you and you loved it – and so did he – and you!”

  7. …he loved you, that is, too!

  8. melodylowes says:

    I love thinking about what the original was like – that little smirk reveals some hidden personality to be sure! I hope I am remembered for seeking my Saviour, for being real, for making my corner of the world a better place. What about you?

    • Seyi sandra says:

      That is so beautiful, I love that and mine is not far from yours. I would want to be remembered for making a difference in people’s lives, being a friend to the friendless, giving my all to my fellow man and hopefully, people would be able to say of me when I am gone that, ”she was a christian, she knew christ truly.” I guess that sums it up for me.
      Thank you so much for your comment. Cheers:)

  9. If I live on in my children’s minds, as my father lives on in mine, then that’s all I need. If anything I do lasts beyond that, it will be a bonus.

    Thanks for reading and liking my own blog, by the way, Seyi, I really appreciate it.
    Of course, if you read ‘The Future Me is Real’ you’ll know that science says (sort of!) there’s a way I might come back anyway then I could check out my lingering fame for myself!
    Love your blog.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks Tony, for checking my blog and leaving such a beautiful comment. It would be nice if you could come back and see for yourself, only God knows what the world would look like then.
      Love your blog too and truly appreciate your comment.

  10. gatesitter says:

    Thomas Jefferson designed his tombstone inscription, wanting to be remembered most for writing Declaration of Independence , Virginias’ Statutes of religious freedom and founding Univ. of VA. As for me I trust in God, strive to do my best, and say to all; remember me as you will.

  11. qiquan says:

    I never want to be remembered, just like the flower that blossoms in the day, is loved by the butterfly, and quietly wither away before the first light in the next morning. I have to focus to give my best to love and not the best to be remembered.


  12. Ganesh Raam says:

    trust me… You write amazing articles! I am intrigued and I am a followed to your blog now…

  13. An excellent and engaging question to fire up the brain cells, which compliments your excellent piece of writing, which has now altered my perception of the Mona Lisa .Another little gem to sit in the crown of your own legacy. I’d like to be remembered as someone who encourages creativity, who helps/supports artists, musicians & writers and to gain recognition for my own writing, which I subsequently hope will inspire future generations of writers.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thank you for your kind comment! I love how you’ll want to be remembered, gaining recognition on your writing is easy because you’re a great writer and history don’t lie. I’ll be re-releasing my novel, ‘The Feet Of Darkness’ soon and I’ll need the support of great friends and writer like you! I’ll keep you posted and thanks for stopping by my website dear friend!

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