The Absurdity Of Life


I’ve been scarce on my website and it wasn’t by choice. My internet connection has been horrendous, I’ve called Sky (my broadband provider)and they didn’t really have much explanation for it. As a working mother, (I work till I drop after putting the kids to bed) I bring a lot of work home, so it’s quiet frustrating.

But let’s leave my internet woes aside. Yesterday I watched in wonder as three sets of paintings by Francis Bacon ( a British artist) was sold for a whopping record of $142 million dollars, I swear! (You can Google it if you don’t believe me)

The painting was bought by an anonymous buyer. In my world, even if I were a Billionaire, I don’t think I’ll have the courage to fork out that kind of money. Look at what the money would do to people in the Philippines, and others in the world!

However, you may rightly argue – ‘Seyi it’s none of your flipping business, the buyer loves the paintings, he bought it, what’s your problem with that!’

And I’ll tell you what my problem is.

Sometimes ago, I wrote on this space that I hardly watch TV anymore. That’s correct, but when that ‘Haiyan Monster’ hit the Philippines, I couldn’t ignore the scale of human suffering (thousands of people passed away)  and I stayed glued to the TV.

My problem is the absurdity of life itself. When some have in abundance and others eat nothing… when some people were crying for water, food and shelter – while some were spending millions on frivolities. Well, that’s the way life is…

Now enough of my moaning. I really have great news, today, I took a sneak  peek on the cover of new book. My publisher is gracious enough to send me a preview and I love what I saw. Hopefully, if my erratic, eccentric internet connection with a life of its own permits, ( quiet a lot of words there) I’ll unveil the cover for all to see, and there would be some promos too, with my publisher, Arrow Gate.

The week is almost over, and I hope you’ve had a great time, mine has… nah, let me stop. I really miss you guys, and I hope as the weekend inch closer, you’ve had a cause to put a smile on someone’s face. I’ll leave you friends with this quote from Og Mandino,

”Treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend all the care, kindness and understanding you can, with no thought of reward, and your life will never be the same.”

NP: Please bear with me if I’ve not visited your blog in a while, I’ll do so as ‘SKY’ permits, that is, if this post goes live. (it might not! 😦

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a fantastic weekend.

Much love, always. 🙂

The Plagiarism Curse!


Just imagine this scenario…

You’ve worked your brains off, burnt the midnight oil, toiled endlessly to bring out your dream book. Then just imagine your horror, when you see your book ( yes the same one but with some changes here and there) on Amazon and maybe by a mainstream publisher! You can imagine your horror and dismay.

It’s akin to someone violating you, taking away what belongs to you. I have read at least two posts on the subject and I just want to add my bit to it.

If you are a self published author or traditionally published or whatever, just ensure that you get a copy right for your works. It’s so important, it’s SO vital. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, ‘yeah, my work is out, nobody can plagiarise or steal it!’ But people do STEAL novels, works of art etc.

As much as I love people and all that, I’m not a novice… There are BAD people out there, worse than the devil (if you believe he exist!) So a word is enough for the wise.

If you want to register your work in the UK, go to the this link, I registered mine there.  If you live in other parts of the world,  I believe you can still register your works with them. But you can still do a bit of research, Google it, find out from other sources and try to REGISTER your work now! It’s just a few pounds or dollars as the case may be.

And this is a disclaimer; I’m not being paid by anyone to do this but I believe I owe it as a duty to my fellow authors, we need to stick together against rogues and thieves!

The plagiarism curse will not happen to us, and if you’re not a writer but need patent for your business, please, don’t delay! Register your work to save you heartaches in the future!!

Now enough of my moaning, how are you guys doing today? I hope you’re all good wherever you are. Enjoy the rest of your day and live well.

Much love, always!  🙂  🙂

The Masterpiece

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leonardo studied the painting and was not satisfied with the direction it was going. He’d spent hours brushing it up but Leonardo wasn’t convinced, when the Lady La Gioconda sat down for the portrait, it was easy but now, putting finishing touches to it seemed like a herculean task. In anger, he yanked it off and took it to his sparsely furnished room and hid it under the bed.

Straightening up, he sauntered outside his room, staring mournfully at his tools, he felt no inspiration, nothing. His mind was dead, his brains passive, his emotions bland and then out of the blues, he saw a rat.

His brown eyes followed the rat everywhere, the more he scrutinised it, the more he felt the fluttering of visions and hope surge in his heart. He hurried back to his room, gently drag the painting from under its hiding place and resumed work. His flurried hands began the arduous task of creating the masterpiece that would be one of the most important paintings of all time. With his hand under his chin, he surveyed his handiwork and was quiet satisfied at the result.

Alas, behold Mona Lisa.

I believe we are all masterpiece in our own little world but let me play with your imagination a bit…

I was  Lisa del Gioconda née Gherardini  now a writer living in London.

Have you ever felt that lingering sensation that you’ve lived before, in eras long gone? I am  a writer so it is very easy for me to transport myself to 1479 when I was born to 1542 when I died. So if I was the Lady La Gioconda, what did I do except pose for a painting which is now one of the most famous paintings of all time? I wish she did more than just sit down for a portrait commissioned by her husband, maybe supported a just cause, a charity, gave to the poor?

Lisa was not known nor celebrated in her time, she lived a peaceful simple life, records had it she loved her husband… or they loved each other (I am a hopeless romantic, spare me!)

So, here is the deal… How would you loved or want to be remembered? Let’s say in the next five hundred years, what would people say or write about you?

Just give it a thought guys because I am dying to know!