The Absurdity Of Life


I’ve been scarce on my website and it wasn’t by choice. My internet connection has been horrendous, I’ve called Sky (my broadband provider)and they didn’t really have much explanation for it. As a working mother, (I work till I drop after putting the kids to bed) I bring a lot of work home, so it’s quiet frustrating.

But let’s leave my internet woes aside. Yesterday I watched in wonder as three sets of paintings by Francis Bacon ( a British artist) was sold for a whopping record of $142 million dollars, I swear! (You can Google it if you don’t believe me)

The painting was bought by an anonymous buyer. In my world, even if I were a Billionaire, I don’t think I’ll have the courage to fork out that kind of money. Look at what the money would do to people in the Philippines, and others in the world!

However, you may rightly argue – ‘Seyi it’s none of your flipping business, the buyer loves the paintings, he bought it, what’s your problem with that!’

And I’ll tell you what my problem is.

Sometimes ago, I wrote on this space that I hardly watch TV anymore. That’s correct, but when that ‘Haiyan Monster’ hit the Philippines, I couldn’t ignore the scale of human suffering (thousands of people passed away)  and I stayed glued to the TV.

My problem is the absurdity of life itself. When some have in abundance and others eat nothing… when some people were crying for water, food and shelter – while some were spending millions on frivolities. Well, that’s the way life is…

Now enough of my moaning. I really have great news, today, I took a sneak  peek on the cover of new book. My publisher is gracious enough to send me a preview and I love what I saw. Hopefully, if my erratic, eccentric internet connection with a life of its own permits, ( quiet a lot of words there) I’ll unveil the cover for all to see, and there would be some promos too, with my publisher, Arrow Gate.

The week is almost over, and I hope you’ve had a great time, mine has… nah, let me stop. I really miss you guys, and I hope as the weekend inch closer, you’ve had a cause to put a smile on someone’s face. I’ll leave you friends with this quote from Og Mandino,

”Treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend all the care, kindness and understanding you can, with no thought of reward, and your life will never be the same.”

NP: Please bear with me if I’ve not visited your blog in a while, I’ll do so as ‘SKY’ permits, that is, if this post goes live. (it might not! 😦

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a fantastic weekend.

Much love, always. 🙂

30 comments on “The Absurdity Of Life

  1. Glad to see you live Seyi! Awesome post. We look forward to the release of your book.
    Cheers. 🙂
    Christy Nelson. 🙂

  2. Oh no !!! I hate internet problems !! It is really amusing sometimes, when we can step back and not be angry about it, lol, that something we did not even have in our thoughts not that many years ago, is at the center of our lives today !! I look at my iphone in wonder as it has more computer capabilites than our first pc did and I carry it around . How did we live before technology ?
    I hope you get back online soon Seyi, I feel your pain, that would frustate me to no end !!!

    • Seyi sandra says:

      You’re so right dear friend, the way internet has changed our lives is simply unbelievable. I had deadlines to meet that was why I was kind of freaking out but like you said, I had to take it on my stride and do what I could when I could.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m very grateful!
      Much love. 🙂

  3. RoSy says:

    Hi Seyi Sandra!

    It’s probably none of my b’ness what people do with the monies that they’ve earned, inherited, or came to. But – I think the same thing. How do some have so much & others can’t even get the basics? In some cases – it’s all about life choices. But – when I see or hear of the extremes – I do wonder.

    I do like that you have good news. It must be nice to see how your hard work is coming to be.

    Hopefully – you’re online issues will be resolved soon.

    Much love to you too 🙂

    • Seyi sandra says:

      I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from, it’s just one of those things where you wonder why life is sometimes strange. I appreciate your kindness and sweet visit, it’s always a delight!

      I hope so too, because I do a lot of my work online whether at home or in the office.

      Much love. 🙂

  4. ledrakenoir says:

    Very well written about money versus the Philippines – and I know it’s either my ‘business’ – but I agree with you… 🙂

  5. Al says:

    I watched a program on BBC1 today, Escape to the Country, and the people wanted to buy a new home. They had £1.5m to spend on it. Why that much? I see houses for £250,000 and I think they are stupid prices.

    Some people have more money than sense. Maybe you will be one of them if your book does well 😉

    Hope Sky get off of their butts and fix it soon for you. We miss you Seyi.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      You got my point Alastair, I think everything in this life is just the price we place on it, and some are illusions. If and when I do have lots of money my friend, I’ll spend more on charity than frivolities. You can always hold me to account eh?

      Sky insisted that from their end, my connection seems fine, but we’ll be moving house by the end of the month anyway and I might change my provider. It’s been working non stop now for half an hour, so I’ll round up and check my mails.

      Thanks for your visit, I miss you too. 😉 My love to your kids. Have a wonderful night rest.

  6. Paul J. Stam says:

    Ah, my dear, it is not life that is absurd, but people. My only responsibility is to be a caring person, everything else, including financial wealth, is someone else’s responsibility. – Aloha – pjs.

  7. Uzoma says:

    Hello sis,

    Hope your Internet connection is sorted sooner than later — it must have been frustrating in between.

    I dearly wish countries/people/organisations will continue to grow in their resolve to help the poor, especially victims of disasters and wars. The state of devastation in the Philippines was massive. While following the news on TV I couldn’t help but offer prayers for those affected.

    Ya-hoo! Your novel cover is out! You know I can’t wait to see it. In fact, I NEED to see it 😀


    • Seyi sandra says:

      I’m moving house soon so the internet can rot for all I care, it’s just annoying that it’s now I’m having problems with it. I thought it was stable before but I was wrong. So I make use of the time it’s on..

      I thought I was just being cranky and jealous but 142 million dollars is a lot of money to be wasted on paintings, but that’s life I guess!

      You’ll see it soon Uzoma 🙂 Sooner than you know! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll pop over to yours to see if you’ve posted ‘my dear Dubem’ 🙂 (sorry for changing the name of your serial 🙂

  8. You are so right about helping everyone in the Philippines. If only I had that type of money a lot of people no matter where would be feed. This is the world that we live in. Good luck on your book!!

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks dear friend, it’s just the craziness of life that gets me down sometimes, when I see people suffering and others are literally throwing money away. And you’re right, it’s the world we live in.

      I’m grateful for your visit.

      Hope you’ll read my book when it’s out!
      Cheers. 🙂

  9. What a coincidence, Seyi. I just submitted my book for approval this afternoon, and I am hoping it will be published by Thanksgiving. It is about my battle with Breast Cancer, and a wonderful visualization I invented to keep me from the fear and loneliness that goes along with the treatments.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Oh my! What a wonderful news! I’m so happy for you!! Well done, I know what goes into creativity, the hard work, the stress! 🙂 I hope sales would be good.

      Mine would be released on Dec 16th, let me know when it’s out so I can get a copy!
      Congratulations again and thanks for stopping by!
      We need to do lots of promos dear friend!!
      Much love. 🙂

  10. meiro says:

    He did not buy the painting but the prestige.
    Hi Seyi, hope you are doing well at the part of your busiest world.


  11. donwreford says:

    Their are a growing number of billionaires, the conceit and arrogance that is all part of the package deal these people have, is they need to have also adoration, Bacon, the artist in question, would not have painted that many pictures. when someone pays a inflated price this creates others who also have a huge ego to desire to get one, so this sets a inflated price, but becomes exclusive to the money set, as once I, a practising artist, I eventually asked myself who am I working for? once I found the answer to this question I no longer was a artist, but somewhat now have to live with the burden of my own folly.

  12. Ben Naga says:

    Seems as if Sky *is* the limit after all. 😛

  13. Looking forward to the release of your new book! 🙂

  14. Ste J says:

    The Sky is indeed the limit, if you permit my punnery. I am always up for a sneak preview of anything you do my friend. As for the absurdity and insanity of life…give me a padded cell and some books and I’ll be happy.

  15. asknod says:

    Author! Author! I knew it. You don’t leave dangling participles. Your sentence structure is complete and coveys it’s thought. A compendium of short and long sentences give cadence to what is read. Prose becomes tendentious when sentences have more that three commas (Frost?) How you do it while balancing motherhood as well is commendable. I waited for an empty nest and Stage Four to begin. Trade you one for mine. I’m very impressed with anyone who has the gumption to dive into a project of this magnitude. Congratulations, Seyi.

  16. Some people’s priority are so different from our own. More than likely those paintings are an investment for that anonymous buyer. Rich people live to get richer. That’s what I believe. Us who know what it’s like being without want to give. We wish we had the magnitude that rich folks have just to help those in need. They do give that’s where they get their tax breaks.

    All the best with your new book. I have your first one but I’m obsessed with finishing the Games of Thrones Trilogy that I have got to any other books yet. But I will.

  17. Ike says:

    Godly anger is participating in God’s anger against injustice and sin…crying out to him to do what he promised…destroy evil and demolish everything that harms others and defames God’s name.

    Anger expressed to God is the cry of the weak one who trusts the strong One!!! You have a big heart Seyi.

  18. frizztext says:

    congrats for your book!
    thanks for your resume:
    ” $142 million dollars, … The painting was bought by an anonymous buyer. In my world, even if I were a Billionaire, I don’t think I’ll have the courage to fork out that kind of money. Look at what the money would do to people in the Philippines, and others in the world!”

  19. gageier says:

    Hallo einen schönen Abend und sei ganz lieb gegrüßt und ein schönen Start am Donnerstag wünsche ich dir Klaus

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