Our Golden Moments


 (Photo credit: Flickr)

We can’t always control what happens to us in life

We can’t always decide how life will turn out.

We can’t always wish problems away

Or conjure up visions of peace and have it in our palms.

We can’t decide how long our days may be,

Or the years we live on this earth.

We lie when we think we are immortals

Man born of a woman is of few days

Like a vapour in the wind.

But we can control the moments we live in this life.

And I call it our golden moments.

Life can always throw up a punch we least expected

But we can LIVE life the way we want.

By prolonging our golden moments under the sun,

By helping the poor,

By not turning away the needy with empty hands when we can fill it up with wealth

By putting a smile on people’s faces – even strangers

By loving all and despising none.

Then we will have earned our golden moments!

I am so happy to write this post, I’ve missed every one of you my dear friends. My holiday took longer than expected, a few visits from family abroad means I couldn’t blog and had to postpone a lot of work. But I know you guys have been having fun, I’ll join in the party and read as many posts as possible. Above all, I wish you more love, more peace, wherever you are in the world. Have a fantastic weekend!

Love, always!


51 comments on “Our Golden Moments

  1. Al says:

    Ease yourself back into it Seyi, don’t rush 🙂 Good to see you back

  2. I hope you enjoyed your family time. But it is always good to have you back!

  3. Nawfal says:

    Nice to see your post! 🙂 Take care and wishing you a Creative-Day!

  4. How are you? Your writing is beautiful and the message outstanding. I’ve been away and just returned myself.

  5. Simply beautiful! Welcome back
    Have a wonderful weekend as well!

  6. ledrakenoir says:

    Very well written… 🙂 🙂

  7. We hope you had a fantastic vacation, Sandra. Beautiful written piece of work again. Loved it very much. Pawkisses for the weekend 🙂

  8. Chojesús says:

    Emotivo enciuentro.
    Lo mismo te deseo para ti, y que nunca falte el amor.
    Un beso y feliz finde.

  9. Fong Tien says:

    thanks for sharing this great post SeyiSandra 🙂

  10. Welcome back, such a powerful resounding poem! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. RoSy says:

    Gotta enjoy all the fun & family time every chance we get.
    Keep livin’ it up my friend! xoxo

  12. MythRider says:

    Family time builds memories.
    Welcome back.

  13. Uzoma says:

    Ah! It’s so good to see you blogging once again, sis. A big welcome and what a stunning poem! A gift for my Sunday 🙂

  14. I’m so happy you’re back, dear friend! Did you have a nice holidays? Your poem has wonderful hope and I particularly enjoy the part about smiling at strangers – I love the feeling when I am able to do that too!

  15. Excellent post to publish on a Friday the 13th. Now that’s what I call great timing. 🙂

  16. Man born of a woman is of few days

    Like a vapour in the wind.

    How perfectly true and beautifully put! Welcome back sister!

  17. joserasan66 says:

    Muy Buena Imagen, Me Gusta Mucho… Un Saludo Y Un Día Lleno De Creatividad…

  18. SerachShiro says:

    Wish you too a fabulous weekend and I will enjoy and keep all my golden moments and I’m glad and happy that they were and are mines 🙂 !

  19. Very beautifully written, Seyi Sandra!

  20. Kev says:

    Lovely pic. Beautiful poem!

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