Rich People, Poor People, All Got Dreams.

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”Dreams are the easiest part.”

My daddy used to say that even the devil dare to dream. He wanted to usurp God Almighty but he got a mighty kicking and landed his whiffy butt on earth!

I got dreams too… The good kind.

I want to make people happy, clothe the poor, feed the hungry and make people smile. If I could, I want to wipe tears off Peoples’ faces, I want nations to love one another (that’s a tall dream, sceptics may say, after all, there has been wars from the foundation of the world). All the same, love is important, it’s beautiful and could really save the world! I want the Israelis and Palestinians to let bygones be bygones. I want South Sudan to stop their stupidity and halt the senseless war looming over their innocent citizens. I want to dine with Prince William (and ask him to buy copies of my three books!) Kate, hope you don’t mind? 😉

I got dreams too…

I want to stop the uneasiness clouding people when they see someone whose skin is not as pale or as dark as theirs. I want Syria to stop the bloodshed, I want Nigerians to stop their corruption, I want all religions to be devoid of hatred, in a nutshell?

I want PEACE in all nations, among all people. I want this home of ours (earth) to be a paradise. We shouldn’t forget what’s important, and aptly put, it’s that four letter word, love! Love your friends, neighbours and I believe that would ultimately make the world a better place.

I sure got tall dreams guys! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you’ll all have peace wherever you are in the world!

Much love, always. 🙂

39 comments on “Rich People, Poor People, All Got Dreams.

  1. Al says:

    They are excellent dreams, my friend. I only wish that at least one of them would come true

  2. Ben Naga says:

    I continue working on my master plan, which, undurprisingly, is pretty much close to yours (though it doesn’t involve royalty, I admit) .

  3. Ben Naga says:

    😳 Sorry for the typo. 😳

  4. Sadder still that it has to be a tall dream.

  5. Mark Myers says:

    Dream big and let God fill in the margins. Your dreams are fantastic. Keep dreaming!

  6. What a great dreams! It was so nice of you to share them, enjoying this period of the year and remembering the current problems we are living! I make mine your words

  7. sknicholls says:

    Noble. Now, if we could figure out how to make them all come true, the world would indeed be a better place.

  8. Sophie Milan says:

    It’s good to dream. No, it’s best to dream. Especially the kinds you have here. But other than that, we all have to know that a dream is just the beginning. We gotta work to make them happen. Thank you for sharing this. Such an inspiration.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      You’re so right Sophie, we need to work dreams out. Some of the dreams I illustrated could only happen through love. Love makes great things happen! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.
      Much love. 🙂

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  10. Speaking of bit dreams, doing what Jesus said and loving your enemies.

  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Peace for all is indeed seemingly a huge ask. But let’s just keep aiming.

    “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” ― Nelson Mandela

    Here’s to dreamers 🙂

  12. Dreams are great, you’ve chosen a noble path and I hope you would have the strength and grace to carry through! Have a beautiful week Seyi.

  13. Jodee says:

    All got dreams, no question! Everybody is dreaming. With beginning of this year I made my dream come true: being able to create digital landscapes for a new comic. It is so much fun, I can’t imagine anymore being without this great work.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Congratulations Jodee on your new work! Dreams are pivotal to our existence, that’s why we exist. I hope you’ll realise more of your dreams. Thanks for your visit, hope you’ll stop by again.
      Blessings. 🙂

  14. Ste J says:

    “Dreams can come true” as songster Gabrielle sang and then mercilessly re-released about six times…They are noble dreams, especially the book one. Your book review is imminent by the way, should be up soon but I shall let you know when!

  15. reocochran says:

    Your dreams are so selfless and wonderful! I hope for so many reasons that your dreams will come true! These are all worth wishing for! I am on your ‘team’ of hopers, wishers and dreamers. Smiles, Robin

    • Seyi sandra says:

      I hope so too dear friend, a drop in the ocean can surely make an impact. I’m very grateful for your kind words which flows seamlessly with love.

      Thanks also for your visit, hope to see you again!
      Much love. 🙂

  16. Mélanie says:

    @”tall dreams” – I love this expression that I fully understand, even though English has been my 2nd language… 🙂 glad to have come across your awesome blog via Ben Naga… my very best, tons of inspiration and friendly hugs, cheers! 🙂 Mélanie – Toulouse, France

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