Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful!)

Glenda Otero 3

              (Photo Credit: Glenda Otero)

I am eternally  grateful to everyone, for your love and heartfelt wishes towards me! Like the pretty little girl in this picture, she is loved. You will know by the robustness of her features, and though, her loved ones are not in the picture, she is confident in their love for her.

That is how confident I am in this blogging community! You guys are ever faithful, hence, the title of this post.

Thank you!

This is truly from the deepest part my soul. I appreciate each and every one of you! Events of the past few days, was one of the most lowest points of my life – but life goes on. My friend was buried today and I have a hope that we’ll meet again, someday. His family is also coping well and we all have that same hope, that we’ll see him again – I believe in life after life.

My prayers also goes to everyone involved one way or the other in the Boston tragedy… It’s always sad when such bad things happen… There are still several bad people in this world but that should not stop us from living well and loving well. Events are wrapping up, with one of the suspected bombers down. My prayer is that the wicked will not have peace, except, they change their ways!

I have missed everyone 🙂 I would have blogged earlier than planned but things kept getting in the way. I know I must have missed a lot of cool posts, I promise to read and read and read. That is one of the greatest assets in life – reading! I’ll visit all your beautiful blogs and drink deep from your wells of wisdom.

Much love… Always!

🙂 🙂

The Angel By The Sea-Shore

An animated sequence of pictures of a small hu...

An animated sequence of pictures of a small humpback whale diving beneath the surface. Creator: Hersfold (talk/work) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I stood suspended thirty feet above sea level with hands akimbo. I stared in delight and watched with pleasure at the creatures of the sea, Seals playing with their kind, and then chasing after penguins.

I saw the humpback whale and her calf gliding beneath the surface of the deep, feeding on krill, plankton and juggling with delight, their gigantic bodies causing ripples in the cold arctic sea.

And then I saw him and my heart lurched with fear and admiration! It was the angel by the sea-shore, my sister would not believe me when I tell her the angel really exists.

I was mesmerised by his beauty. The massive wings and the muscular arms enthrall me and I dived towards him, intent on touching those wings to be sure he was real.

Angel 013

Angel 013 (Photo credit: Juliett-Foxtrott)

My feet touched the soft sand and I stood still, silently, waiting for his reaction. His massive wings opened up in glorious splendour, the sinews within his wings and veins rippled with power and I gushed out in delight, such was his beauty.

I heaved my arms and floated above him and slowly drifted forward, not feeling safe standing solitary behind him. I gazed at the top of his head as his golden hair danced to the wind and every sound ceased.

”Who are you?” I summoned the courage to ask, a safe distance away from him but the angel said nothing and then I flew close to him, my eyes boring into his and I seemed to be staring at the depth of mystery.

His eyes glowed like a lone fire in the snow, they looked like two white doves. When he raised his enormous arms, the waves of the sea took notice. His finely sculptured face was like a fine work of art. His beautifully shaped mouth was slightly opened and when he spoke, his voice sounded like thunder.

”Time be still,”

And I moved back, I hated to admit it but I was scared, and I shouldn’t be because I ruled the sea. I watched his upturned arms which were like two pillars of the earth but suddenly, the mystery deepened.

The open sea roared like a woman in labour, his arms were sending out  strange signals and I watched open-mouthed as the sea was rolled like a carpet, the depths of the deep was revealed in one clean swoop and I didn’t find it funny. My stomach knotted in fear as the sea creatures groaned in despair at the intrusion.

”Stop this at once,” I said firmly.

And he looked at me as a father would look at an errant child.

”My name is judgement but they also call me peace. I judge to give peace.”

”Just put down your hands,” I begged and the angel did as he was told, his eyes never leaving mine for a second but I took flight watching from a safe distance, waiting to see what he would do.

The Islanders must know about his presence at once.


I love writing supernatural thrillers, most of my works tend to delve deep into the mysterious worlds of angels and I would definitely let you in on a secret soon. Thanks for reading my story friends!