Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful!)

Glenda Otero 3

              (Photo Credit: Glenda Otero)

I am eternally  grateful to everyone, for your love and heartfelt wishes towards me! Like the pretty little girl in this picture, she is loved. You will know by the robustness of her features, and though, her loved ones are not in the picture, she is confident in their love for her.

That is how confident I am in this blogging community! You guys are ever faithful, hence, the title of this post.

Thank you!

This is truly from the deepest part my soul. I appreciate each and every one of you! Events of the past few days, was one of the most lowest points of my life – but life goes on. My friend was buried today and I have a hope that we’ll meet again, someday. His family is also coping well and we all have that same hope, that we’ll see him again – I believe in life after life.

My prayers also goes to everyone involved one way or the other in the Boston tragedy… It’s always sad when such bad things happen… There are still several bad people in this world but that should not stop us from living well and loving well. Events are wrapping up, with one of the suspected bombers down. My prayer is that the wicked will not have peace, except, they change their ways!

I have missed everyone 🙂 I would have blogged earlier than planned but things kept getting in the way. I know I must have missed a lot of cool posts, I promise to read and read and read. That is one of the greatest assets in life – reading! I’ll visit all your beautiful blogs and drink deep from your wells of wisdom.

Much love… Always!

🙂 🙂

31 comments on “Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful!)

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss; loosing a friend definitely turns your world upside down.

  2. Alastair says:

    Always here for you Seyi

  3. meiro says:

    Sincere words from a nobel heart of yours God bless Seyi.
    Take care dear friend,

    Big hugs,

  4. festivalking says:

    Seyi dear, I am soooo sorry for your loss my dear

    … May his soul rest in perfect peace, and may God put a smile come across your face each time you remember him.


  5. Ryan Brooks says:

    We love you too, Seyi. ^^

  6. So much love to you Seyi xoxo

  7. Lori D says:

    My heart goes out to you in your loss.

  8. RoSy says:

    One day at a time Seyi Sandra…xo

  9. I am glad you are through the worst of it. Having lost several dear friends, I understand how sad it is. I will be sending postive thoughts your way !! It is not easy, and it takes time !! No doubt in my mind you will see him again, I completely believe that as well !!
    God bless !! Stephie

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks darling! I know I can count on you! Some days are harder than I’d expected but I’m determined to remember him with a smile (and the unexpected tears) and celebrate his life.
      You’re right, it takes time! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hi Seyi,

    The Boston episode seems to have come to a logical conclusion. The art of gratitude and love which you write about can go a long way to avoid such horror.

    What is it that we could do now to heal the wounds?


  11. Anne Chia says:

    You have been missed. Welcome back Seyi dear. xoxo

  12. Ike says:

    The dominant emphasis of Hebrews 12:23 is that at death…sanctification is completed for the spirits/souls of men and women “in Christ” who dwell in Him today. They are “perfected”! They lack no good gift of God except their “promised” final bodies of Christ-like glory. Being perfected means no longer committing sin and having no regrets…every struggle with temptation is banished…and there can be no more fractured…painful relationships.

    As a christian….I mourn with you. As a christian….I also rejoice that your friend has caught his first glimpse of his Lord. His second glimpse will rapture the first…..and on and on. We got ourselves a God! You are prayed up.

  13. iamforchange says: So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe

  14. You’re loved! Welcome back!!

  15. utesmile says:

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, it is a hard time to lose a loved one. I wish your pain will ease with time, your love remains. Don’t worry our love remais too and we read whenever youdo have time to post. Ute x

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