Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful!)

Glenda Otero 3

              (Photo Credit: Glenda Otero)

I am eternally  grateful to everyone, for your love and heartfelt wishes towards me! Like the pretty little girl in this picture, she is loved. You will know by the robustness of her features, and though, her loved ones are not in the picture, she is confident in their love for her.

That is how confident I am in this blogging community! You guys are ever faithful, hence, the title of this post.

Thank you!

This is truly from the deepest part my soul. I appreciate each and every one of you! Events of the past few days, was one of the most lowest points of my life – but life goes on. My friend was buried today and I have a hope that we’ll meet again, someday. His family is also coping well and we all have that same hope, that we’ll see him again – I believe in life after life.

My prayers also goes to everyone involved one way or the other in the Boston tragedy… It’s always sad when such bad things happen… There are still several bad people in this world but that should not stop us from living well and loving well. Events are wrapping up, with one of the suspected bombers down. My prayer is that the wicked will not have peace, except, they change their ways!

I have missed everyone 🙂 I would have blogged earlier than planned but things kept getting in the way. I know I must have missed a lot of cool posts, I promise to read and read and read. That is one of the greatest assets in life – reading! I’ll visit all your beautiful blogs and drink deep from your wells of wisdom.

Much love… Always!

🙂 🙂