George Floyd’s Tears Echoes Through Eternity!

Photo credit: Joanna Villango

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

In the height of ’Jihadi John’ reign of terror, the Islamic State executioner who derives pleasure in executing journalists, that image stuck in my mind because it was widely available online. However, it has been replaced with Derek Chauvin grinding his knee into George Floyd’s neck while the poor man cried for mercy. When Jihadi John murdered several innocent journalists, mostly whites. I was angry and wrote about the atrocities of ISIS. It has come as a surprise that people are eerily silent about the murder of George Floyd, although, after a while, protests has erupted around the world against racism.

Alas, Derek and countless other heartless cops in the US are terrorists protected by the state. The US President has threatened to kill looters but killers like Derek would not have been arrested without worldwide protest. Killer cops like Derek Chauvin are degenerates, racist and divisive.

I grew up in a picturesque little town in Nigeria watching American films, Hollywood portrayed the US country as a land of the free, where everyone is the same, and actors fight for peace. However, that was just Hollywood. Minnesota cop, Derek Chauvin committed murder with people filming while bystanders pleaded, George Floyd also pleaded for mercy. That scene was not from a wild western flick, and yet, the cop was only arrested after an outcry and worldwide protest.

There are so many terrorists like that in the US, terrorising the lives of African Americans. Killing them with impunity, and if prosecuted, Jury always find them doing their job.

I am black British, not American but I have to speak out against this seemingly calm terrorist while the President was also inciting more violence? Looting is wrong, but you don’t encourage more racists to start shooting and killing, and then it becomes an orgy of violence. There’s something called ’dialogue’ even kids do it.

I am very sad for George Floyd, the US has lost the last shred of respect I had for it as a democratic country where the lives of anyone with a darker skin tone is in danger, from an erratic and unstable government to devilish, racist citizens to people who found this difficult to talk about. 

Derek Chauvin and other terror cops that has killed so many innocent black people are inhuman, but the brilliant thing about civilisation is this; change is constant.


10 comments on “George Floyd’s Tears Echoes Through Eternity!

  1. Racism is rife in developed countries, even here in the UK. However, the US seems to have developed a thick skin to the outcry of innocent black people killed daily. People are nonchalant, and years of slavery has traumatised African Americans. Many racist citizens wanted to keep it so. Albert Einstein’s quote is relevant in today’s world. Americans have to stand up for what is right and stamp out the superior mentality of the far-right groups.
    The world is watching. Well written Seyi

    Christy Nelson

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thanks for your comment, Christy. I have watched with admiration, the peaceful protests going on around the world, and I must say, that has rekindled my hope in humanity. Change is constant, and I truly hope the death of George Floyd would be pivotal in changing Americans and the rest of humanity.

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Yes. I agree with you. These four policemen felt empowered by the Trump/Kushner administration to murder this non-violent, co-operating man over the time frame of 8 minutes and 46 seconds on a crowded street, in the middle of the day, while multiple people filmed the murder and begged them to stop. I am sickened beyond belief that our country has sunk to this evil low level of racist hatred and violence spurned on and abetted by the current president and his administration. It is so horribly sad for every decent person left in America and for our country.

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Your comment has restored some of my hope in people. I have many American friends that are reluctant to even mention the name Trump/Kushner and I believe his administration is responsible for most of these atrocities. There are still decent people like you, who are against such brazen display of killing an innocent, defenseless man. Your country needs you to vote men like Trump out.

  3. Toni Reavis says:

    It is hard to imagine the pain, the fear, the helplessness of the moment when the very forces meant to protect turn, instead, and attack. Even from the start, America has always admitted that her attempt at self-governance was an experiment. Today, that experiment is in desperate need of reassessment and recalibration. Thanks for your posts. Keep writing.

  4. Seyi Sandra says:

    Thank you Toni. The media in a way are partly to blame. When the narration is divisive, one sided, and toxic. It would be difficult to judge. I watched a guy from Fox News on BBC yesterday and it was so blatant, how the narrative was about to change to the looting (which I hated) but what caused the riots? The death of a harmless man. And the whole world watched it live on air. Everyone saw the killer, and his victim. It’s like a terrorist murdering their captive live on air. The World is just waking up to another image of America, and it not comfortable to watch. Thanks for your comment to my website, many of my ’friends’ have been very quiet. And I have thousands of them. Thanks Toni.

  5. unclerave says:

    Reblogged this on Unclerave's Wordy Weblog and commented:
    I’ve always respected the institution of the police department. But, it is abundantly clear there are some members who never should’ve been sworn in. These few never should’ve graduated the academy. And, better yet, they never should’ve been ACCEPTED into the academy! All of our police departments need greater, in depth, psychological analyses of their applicants. And, they need constant psychological screening of the recruits to weed out the ones who may have slipped through the cracks. Racism is only one of the problems. The bigger one, in my mind, are those who were bullied and/or abused in their youth, or who may have been disenfranchised to the point where becoming a cop is their big chance to GET EVEN! We can not allow people like this to wear a badge and carry a gun. We also need to end the practice of the “blue wall of silence”. It’s not being a “rat” when you help to weed out the bad elements. You are actually making the force stronger by removing these weak, and potentially dangerous, links. The police need to police themselves better. And, if they won’t take the job seriously, they will have to concede to a civilian review board. One with real teeth.
    And, of course, they need to re-evaluate some of their “training”, because they can’t continue to fall back on: “they were only doing what they were trained to do.” Be well and do good, friends. — YUR

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thanks for your comment and reblogging my post. I have been scarred by the various videos and posts about police brutality in the States that made me question the sanity of most of the officers in the videos. A cop attacked a 14-year-old girl, wresting her to the ground, punching her repeatedly on the face. He was less than human; he was like an enraged bull. And there were hundreds of such police brutalities online. It was sickening!

      I am currently doing a research proposal on inequality and racism in the western world and what I unearthed could give me PTSD. Those cops were full of so much hatred and violence, it’s incomprehensible that it is the so-called ‘free world’. There should be an overhaul of police reforms in the US. The world is just trying to catch their breaths on the atrocities committed against African Americans. It’s heartbreaking.

      However, change is constant. I used to watch ‘Blue Blood’, and I see your point of view, but it is challenging for me to rationalise some of the behaviours I have observed over the past few days. I also researched the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921; I can’t even touch on that. Diallo shot 41 times; a 14-year-old boy executed based on false or no evidence for the murder of two white girls, I just can’t count…

      I have families in the US, and I fear for their lives daily. They are comfortable, educated and safe. But it’s still at the back of my mind, ‘what if they meet a killer cop on their way home?’ Would they become another statistic?’

      I hope the police reform comes fast.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

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