Saving Humans



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We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same and worth saving.”

J. K Rowling

Humanity has always been on the brink of destruction several times.

Studying history is akin to studying the art and history of warfare.

We kill, we hate, we love.

And then we do it all over again, forgetting that we bleed the same.

And we walk in twos, talk and smile.

We all have hopes and dreams.

We teach our children to hate another, we fear what we don’t know.

We change history.

Hatred destroys the hater because we were once created to love and laugh.
Hatred twisted the reason we exist.

When you love people, you love yourself.

When you hate, you’re killing your essence, your humanity.

It’s the law of the universe.

So, what do we do?
Let’s love ourselves.



Much love, always!

15 comments on “Saving Humans

  1. Powerful. Love conquers all, but sadly we lack it. we may profess it severally, several times, but the action to walk the talk is lacking. Good to be here, Sandra. 🙂

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thanks, sis! It’s so nice to see you here. I know, love is the easiest thing in the world yet, it still so scarce. I look forward to reading your awesome haikus! 🙂

  2. ‘When you hate, you’re killing your essence, your humanity,’ so true. I hope there’s still hope for our world. Thanks for sharing Seyi.

  3. ledrakenoir says:

    Yes “we kill, we hate, we love” – most tragic is when it happens some do all three at the same time. Directed against “enemies” so a flock “strengths” themselves or at least their leaders. Without recognizing others the same rights that are considered self-evident in relation to oneself. Flock manipulation sometimes performed by authorities too. Basically, it doesn’t have much to do with color, religiosity or sexuality – just reinforcing a platform from where a so-called enemy is fought. Then just another enemy is found for the game. :-/.

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      You’re right, the authorities perform flock manipulation to satisfy their political agendas, there’s always an enemy to fight, and it’s so sad that the so-called foe is human, like them. I hope everyone would come to the realisation that it’s useless fighting an endless war when peace is possible.

  4. It is good to be here reading your blog again. I have gotten away from my computer in the past few years, being on my phone and I am changing that. I miss my blogs , missing hearing what my favorite bloggers have to say.
    This post is very powerful ! I think many of us do not teach our kids to hate, but the ones that do are much louder. We taught our four kids that everyone is equal in Gods eyes. They never saw us show any kind of difference in how we treated anyone, or how we talked about anyone . We have four grown kids raising their kids the same way. I am very proud of the adults they are. The problem is, the ones full of hate are the ones we hear about. It makes me sad. I believe in love, I believe we are all connected through the universe but I am quiet in those beliefs. The loud, hateful ones are the ones we hear.

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thanks Stephie, I am so happy to see you here. I’m glad you’re back now, I have certainly missed your posts too. Something hit me in your comment. And it’s the fact that the people filled with hate are the ones we see and hear about, and I believe in humanity. There are great people in the world, your family are examples of the goodness in our world. I have hope that this world will thrive, and that love will overcome hatred.
      I’ll be visiting your blog soon. Take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.
      Blessings. 🙂

  5. How beautiful the world would be when everyone loves as easily as we use the word; love.
    How often we react to people’s action without thinking of their true intentions.
    How often we judge intentions without truly digging deep.
    How often we forget that our children are watching us and taking after the things they see us do.
    What a wonderful world it is, if we can all truly love.

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