A Place Of Rest…

1062779_97927600 RQ

A place of rest is a place of freedom

Where you eat with contentment.

Where peace flowed unhindered

And shames are banished away.

A place of rest is where hope is found

Skipping with the legs of a deer

On the clear lake of renewal.

Where darkness flee with fear and

Love plays in the open.

A place of rest is when mankind stop

the madness of war.

When babes and toddlers juggle with delight in the sun…

When the smile of old men mingle with the chuckle of the maidens.

Harvested Field

A place of rest is when harvest is not hampered

by the roars of the terrible.

And where men love truly and women’s breast flow with the milk of kindness.

Freedom does not only give rest… It also gives peace.

But remember, freedom and independence means just one thing,



To all my American friends and others around the world, have a nice 4th of July and happy independence day! I firmly believe that finding rest lay solely with us – it might seem preposterous but guys, it’s true. Only you, can put your mind at rest. Looking around you, might expose what is not working, but do remember that we live in an imperfect word!

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Thanks for that friends!

Much Love, always! Don’t forget – live well.


Kramer’s Witches!


Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson, insp...

Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson, inspired by the Salem witch trials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m writing this in view of a post I read yesterday about the recent death of Margaret Thatcher where one blogger called her a witch. My post is NOT based on the former prime minister but on why women are prone to being called witches, whether they are one or not.

I don’t want to start a debate about witchcraft,  whether it exists or not nor whether you believe in God or not. Again, let me reiterate another fact, I don’t want this post to be long, so I’ll try to cram everything in as quickly as I can.

I watched a program recently on National Geographical channel (the few times I now watch TV) where Heinrich Kramer, an infamous witch hunter purportedly wrote ”The Malleus Maleficarium,” in 1486. Heinrich changed the thinking of generations of people in Europe and it’s alleged that over 60,000 innocent women died based on his ‘how to’ manual in capturing a witch.

‘Such graphic figures,’ you may exclaim but it’s true! Women were burnt at the stake based on the views of one eccentric man, a man who believed he knew it all. Many times, we’ve maligned people unjustly and unfairly (I’m not excluding myself from the bunch) We’ve all done it one time or the other and I think it’s fair to say, we’re not perfect.

Heinrich Kramer is dead, but he left a horrible scent of his evil journal, one wise woman said, ‘there is good in us all, we only need to look deeper.’

I hope we can find truth in those simple words.

Thanks for reading my post.

Much love, always! 🙂


Prominence Earth

Prominence Earth (Photo credit: Lights In The Dark)

 I watched with mouth agape at the volcanic eruption as earth spurted in anger.

‘What’s this? Why so much anger, so much stress?’

‘Because I’ve been so unfairly treated,’ said Mr. Earth,

‘By who?,’ I asked in fear.

‘By the sons of men,’ Mr. Earth replied with an ancient growl

that ruled the waves of the sea.

‘I’m tired of the bloodshed, the hunger and the tears of the innocent,

men raping women, children killing adults and babies,

evil abounds and I’m losing my patience

my core will spill out and it’s not going to be pretty.’

I was quiet, staring in disbelief as the rain of fire intensified

I’ll better run, I mused and found out my feet was glued

to the ground as lava moved stealthily towards me.

‘Only a change of heart can save your planet,’

Mr. Earth’s eerie voice receded into

darkness and I woke up!

It was all a dream…