The Feet Of Hope!


      The solar wind blew but we are safe, despite the predictions, the earth stood still

We are alive and well. The year will bring good tidings of love and hope!

The sun, the moon, the stars and all other planets danced with the earth.

Another year,  hope reborn, desires rekindles.

To all my friends and people unknown, I wish you Joy, Peace, and

May all your dreams come true.

With love from me to you!

Happy New Year!!!

43 comments on “The Feet Of Hope!

  1. John says:

    So nice, same to you!

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I wish you, your family & friends a wonderfully joyous and healthy, safe, fun Happy New Year….See you right back here next year….Namaste.

  3. Lost Creek Publishing says:


  4. teny says:

    A very Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  5. TheGirl says:

    I’m still holding out the end of the world, as Dec 21st is the beginning of the end, so don’t give up on it yet! It’ll be a dream come true for me.

  6. Uzoma says:

    Aha! Just the right way to start the New Year–reading a soul uplifting poem! Blessings to you, Sandra. Happy blogging 😀

  7. Tanveer Rauf says:

    thank you for your sincere heartfeltwishes for all readers. lovely 🙂 stay blessed amen

  8. Sydney Fong says:

    Where is this place, Sandra?
    I would like to go there and wish you a very best happy new year!

  9. RoSy says:

    Niiice – Happy 2013…to you too!

  10. meiro says:

    The same to you.. all the best.


  11. That is one beautiful place Seyi, where is this? Happy New year to you and your family !!!

  12. Beautiful Sandra. Thank you. Even scientists are confirming that we decide what’s next. Energy flows where attention goes …

    Blessings always and Happy New Year!

  13. Lovely thoughts. Happy New Year, Sandra.

  14. howmyspiritsings says:

    Happy New Year! May this next year be productive and blessed!

  15. The Asian says:

    Happy new year! May it be filled with love and laughter!

  16. plaridel says:

    it will be a great year. in the chinese horoscope, it’s the year of the water snake. a good year for new undertakings and making money. 🙂

  17. seanbidd says:

    May 2013 find your words dance of freedom, like prominences upon the surface of the Sun, to breathe life from your thoughts and free moments, living deep with in the writer’s soul that dwells upon the fresh edge of times arrival… All the best for 2013, Seyi sandra!

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Wow! Such poetic words, you’ve made my day! Thank you so much dear friend, I reply you back in kind though not with such fluent speech. I wish you more wisdom and a gracious heart always. Have a fantastic year! Blessings, always-:)

      • seanbidd says:

        Thank you… you have a beautiful year too. The last few days I have been trying to post comments that form a relationship to original posts in some way, and I have not been sure if they always come out right, as it is an interesting way to leave a comment.. wrapped in…

      • Seyi sandra says:

        I’d always loved your comments dear friend, thank you! And I mean it. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

      • seanbidd says:

        Thank you… You too, enjoy tomorrow!!

  18. All the very best from us lot in England.

  19. Immanuell Domunge says:

    I wish you love and happiness. Happy new 2013!

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