Light From Within…


Darkness couldn’t snuff out that light

A light so bright it blot out all pain

Light so bright, it hid my sin.

Sickness couldn’t blot out that light,

Death failed in its grip,

It couldn’t blot out that light

The light is from within

The light of hope

The light of love,

The light of kindness.

Allow your light to shine

Be the hope of strangers,

Be the strength of the poor

When you allow that light from within,

You’ll neither know sorrow nor sadness

For the king of ages


Would be your

Light From Within…

This year is slowly drawing to a close. It’s been eventful, at times painful but I am thankful for my family and friends. We’ve all had a blast. I have 10,000 reasons to thank God, I could list all the reasons but then you would be bored! In all, I love you all and appreciate your love and friendships! Let Your Light Shine… ūüôā

Have a fantastic 2014!

Much love,

Always! ūüôā

Seyi Sandra David

The Unexpected


Congo (Photo credit: robynejay)

I left work quiet late and rushed to pick my kids from school,¬†when we got home, I quickly rustled some¬†food together and we had a hearty lunch. I decided to take a nap before going back to my home office and get some work done¬†but I couldn’t sleep so I came back to the living room.

6.30 pm:

Reclining on my favourite sofa while surfing through different television channels¬†and suddenly the unexpected happened, we were plunged into darkness. My children¬†looked confused because it’s never happened before¬†and I was too.

I was not ready for that so for the first ten minutes or so I just sat in that darkness completely nonplussed and indecisive. My kids were firing fusillade of questions at me but I had no answer for what had happened.

By the time¬†I sprang into action, my kids were getting used¬†to it and after a series of phone calls, I was able to find out a few facts. We weren’t alone in that situation, our whole street¬†was in darkness so it¬†was a major problem¬†and it would take a while before the problem could be rectified. Though we slept in the cold without heating, at least we were safe.¬†By the next morning everything was back to normal but the experience stayed with me and brought a lot of scenario to the fore.

Life is very unpredictable and that is a predictable fact.¬†Sometimes, what we don’t plan for could derail our lives in unimaginable ways.¬†My electricity going off¬†was a minor issue you¬†might say but sleeping in the cold and not been able to cook for my kids wasn’t a pleasant experience but what about people in war-torn countries? How would they¬†survive¬†living in fears for their lives knowing the next moment could be their very¬†last? How do they survive living in such inhumane and brutal condition?

In the Democratic Republic Of Congo, rebels are instigating another round of fighting and people are fleeing their homes, it was totally unexpected, lives are ruined because people have been forcefully ejected from their homes, livelihood would be¬†none existence, it was like survival of the fittest¬†and none of them signed up for it, just a few bigoted¬†fools who believed they can plunge their country to war at will¬†are responsible for such atrocities.¬†I can go on and on but we should just be thankful for little mercies we have, many people aren’t so lucky and¬†many of these innocent people did not ask for war but it came to them unexpectedly.

How do they cope? I have no idea but it breaks my heart knowing right now as I write this post a little girl might be living in fear for her life!

When life throws something totally unexpected at you, how would you react?

Thank you all for reading this post!