The Watchman


Watchman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The angel fell down with a thud and grabbed hold of Arianna, she spurned round and screamed, her eyes turned red and her mother shook her so she could come back to reality.

”You’re safe now, it was all a dream,” she whispered stroking her hair and singing softly until she slept again, her head in her mother’s arms.

Arianna’s mom gently laid her on the bed and pulled the duvet up to her chin and silently tiptoed out of the room but before she closed the door, her daughter whispered,

”He is with me mom, I am no longer afraid.”

A light shone above her head while a huge mysterious man sat by the window pane, watching her sleep. The night was quiet but Arianna’s snoring was like a slow ballad in a quiet night. The man watching sleep smiled and waited, he would stay with her until dawn and for the rest of her life.

Her mother smiled and closed the door, but she lingered outside her daughter’s door, listening for any sound but she heard nothing and then she walked to her own room, safe in the knowledge that Arianna’s sleep will no longer be punctuated with nightmares.

But is Arianna safe?

This is just a short illustration intended for this post.

Like Arianna, we live in a world fraught with dangers but we need to have an anchor, someone we can trust, somebody to run to when the going gets tough, someone to sing with in time of jubilee, and someone to talk to in our moment of fear.

We cannot leave our lives to chance, blown about by every wind of doctrine, we need a watchman, someone to care for our soul, to give us a reason for living.

I believe nobody was born as a mistake, there is purpose to every life, a reason for our existence.

I have found mine, have you found yours?


If I Were A Fox…

Fox on Ice

Fox on Ice (Photo credit: mtsofan)

Foxes are known to be largely territorial animals and even though I don’t have any pets in my house (my daughter has played out every trick in her little brain to make me get her a puppy, but I hate cleaning up after dogs, cats, yak! And…, I have to confess that I was bitten by a dog once, like centuries ago! So you can understand my hesitation, I would really love a horse though but my husband would have none of that, till we hit the lottery I guess!) But I really admire foxes, and I don’t know why and I can’t seem to find out where the attraction came from.

I was washing dishes in MY kitchen today (notice that ‘my,’ isn’t that territorial in nature?) when I saw a fox whizzed past the garden (it can’t get in though, our fence had been reinforced) probably it was just scavenging, looking for food for its kittens and I just smiled, because I love the sight of a fox and it is a very strange thing to admit but I do (Yak! You may say)

They are not seen as animals to be admired, It is included among the IUCN‘s list of the “world’s 100 worst invasive species” and this phrase ”little foxes spoil the vine,” really refers to sin in scripture because we strive to be good at times, but we just find out we are failing, it’s just the foxy nature in us.

I live in a part of London where red foxes can stray into your garden and into your living room if care is not taken, you really have to make sure your fences are quiet strong to dissuade them from paying you a visit. Some couples of months ago, foxes were in the spotlights for creeping into people’s homes, wrecking havoc and even attacking babies! And it struck a chord within me, sometimes, we are our worst enemies, it’s a harsh statement but it’s the gospel truth.

The way those foxes were destroying homes can be sadly liken to the way we sometimes ruin our lives with our own hands (I am just generalizing here though)

If that is not the case, why would a beautiful lady with a bright future ahead of her allow a man molest her for money, why would a boy join a gang and kill to get respect? Why on earth would I want to be a fox? Why can’t I aspire to be a lion (king of the jungle) or an elephant (king of kings of the jungle) why would a mother smoulder her own children to death? Why would a man kill his children then himself to get back at his wife?

Why would I want to be a Fox?

I just wonder…

I guess it’s that wild streak inherent in every human… Maybe I am wrong or right, do let me know!

Be The Change!

English: Black Patent Leather Fetish Shoes 197...

English: Black Patent Leather Fetish Shoes 1973 – 1977 These shoes have a 7-inch stiletto heel and are a size 11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twenty years ago, (I was seventeen then) I was a young slim girl with long hair, skinny legs and a very big smile, I could give you anything but don’t you dare go near my shoes! And I had a lot of sisters (four to be precise) who all loved my shoes.

One weekend I came home( I just got an admission to the university then) and one of them took my shoes, the best out of about twenty pairs!

Everyone in my family knew about my addiction to this particular pair and Christy, my sister wore it to a party, even though it wasn’t her size. When I told my mom what my sister did, she’d looked at me in a very strange way. I had thought she would come to my defence and tongue lashed my sister for the invasion of my ‘privacy’, the unlawful use of my personal stuff without my say-so but nah! She did no such thing.

I knew my mom did not condone what my sister did but she had a lot to say about my reaction to it, and when I mean a lot, it could be a phrase or word loaded with meaning. Before she spoke, she closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them, there was a twinkle in her brown expressive eyes,

”Be the change in the world and you can sleep with both eyes closed.” She said simply. I didn’t understand what she meant by that statement and wasn’t ready to listen.

”But mom,” I had protested against the obvious injustice of the situation, not the lesson she wanted me to learn, ”I don’t want to change the world, just speak to Christy to stop sneaking behind my back using my things, just tell her to steer clear of my room!”

And I’d stomped out of the house, exasperated with my mom’s unrelenting idiomatic expressions, deep down I thought she was turning me into a villain for protesting but my mom is an incredibly wise woman, she knew in order for me to live in peace with my sisters and brothers, (and now my husband) I should sometimes put myself under the spotlight and see if I am the problem.

Am I been irrational, irritable, unforgiving, selfish, careless and stubborn? Well, the lists can go on and on but as I grew older and had my own family, I finally understood what she was trying to do.

My mom was training me to be a better person, not a fool that could be trampled upon but a disciplined, principled woman who would treat others the way she wanted to be treated. A woman who would respect, love, forgive and appreciate and treat everyone equally, irrespective of their race, religion or sexuality.

If every human being desires to be the change, the world would indeed be a better place. And it’s never too late, take a look at the man, woman, girl, boy in the mirror today and say to him or her ( I am speaking to you, if you’re still reading this post)

”Be the change…”