If I Were A Fox…

Fox on Ice

Fox on Ice (Photo credit: mtsofan)

Foxes are known to be largely territorial animals and even though I don’t have any pets in my house (my daughter has played out every trick in her little brain to make me get her a puppy, but I hate cleaning up after dogs, cats, yak! And…, I have to confess that I was bitten by a dog once, like centuries ago! So you can understand my hesitation, I would really love a horse though but my husband would have none of that, till we hit the lottery I guess!) But I really admire foxes, and I don’t know why and I can’t seem to find out where the attraction came from.

I was washing dishes in MY kitchen today (notice that ‘my,’ isn’t that territorial in nature?) when I saw a fox whizzed past the garden (it can’t get in though, our fence had been reinforced) probably it was just scavenging, looking for food for its kittens and I just smiled, because I love the sight of a fox and it is a very strange thing to admit but I do (Yak! You may say)

They are not seen as animals to be admired, It is included among the IUCN‘s list of the “world’s 100 worst invasive species” and this phrase ”little foxes spoil the vine,” really refers to sin in scripture because we strive to be good at times, but we just find out we are failing, it’s just the foxy nature in us.

I live in a part of London where red foxes can stray into your garden and into your living room if care is not taken, you really have to make sure your fences are quiet strong to dissuade them from paying you a visit. Some couples of months ago, foxes were in the spotlights for creeping into people’s homes, wrecking havoc and even attacking babies! And it struck a chord within me, sometimes, we are our worst enemies, it’s a harsh statement but it’s the gospel truth.

The way those foxes were destroying homes can be sadly liken to the way we sometimes ruin our lives with our own hands (I am just generalizing here though)

If that is not the case, why would a beautiful lady with a bright future ahead of her allow a man molest her for money, why would a boy join a gang and kill to get respect? Why on earth would I want to be a fox? Why can’t I aspire to be a lion (king of the jungle) or an elephant (king of kings of the jungle) why would a mother smoulder her own children to death? Why would a man kill his children then himself to get back at his wife?

Why would I want to be a Fox?

I just wonder…

I guess it’s that wild streak inherent in every human… Maybe I am wrong or right, do let me know!