A Loud, Noisy World…


(Photo credit: Flickr)

A loud, noisy world.

Cacophony of sounds

reverberated everywhere.

Hatred danced openly,

while love is in remission.

Wars and rumours

of war danced freely on our streets.

Toddlers were afraid to chuckle.

A little peace, a little love

We Plead.

But instead

We got

Bullet wounds.



And paedophiles,

Roamed freely.

A loud, Noisy World.

I hope for peace

and pray for love.

Elusive as it is…

I won’t give up!

It seems killings, deaths, wars has become a bit of a pastime in the world now, Kenya‘s mall killings, Pakistani Christians (women and children murdered), the naval base killings in the U.S, Syria‘s on going war, turmoil in Egypt, Philippine‘s rebels. The list is endless. My daughter asked me yesterday, ‘mum, why can’t we have peace in the world?’ I had no answer to her question. She’s just seven, yet, I can’t shield her from the cruelty of our world. The noise is a constant ringing sound… but you know me, I’m a diehard optimist – I still believe we can live in peace, we just need to start acting it. Like that picture, I hopefully long for peace and quietness in our world…

I pray you’ll all have a peaceful week, and please keep safe!

Much love, always!


I’ve Been Hacked!



Anonymous (Photo credit: Schuilr)


It’s really annoying but one horrible person in Egypt just hacked into my primary email account and was sending malicious emails! 😦 😦

This is the first time I’ve experienced this and it’s unsettling!

I’ve managed to change my password, a fellow blogger sent an email to warn me though I couldn’t reply because yahoo apparently blocked me from sending emails until it was rectified.

Hacking into one’s personal email account is akin to armed robbers breaking into one’s home. A big thank you to Candace, http://changeitupediting.com/ I appreciate you!

I’ll be back tomorrow for a follow-up post on ‘I See You…’

Have a pleasant night rest (if you’re in England) and if you’re in other parts of the world, peace and blessings to you all!