The Act Of Emptying…

Morning Glory

At one time or the other in our lives, we had stuffs weighing us down which reminded me of the words of Jon Gordon, he says. ”We fill our minds with thoughts that hold us back, habits that limit us, distractions that derail us, negative people who drain us, fear that paralyses us, time-sappers that sabotage our productivity. We spend so much time and energy on things that don’t matter – we fail to focus on what does matter. We fill up with so many things that generate negative energy, there’s no room for positive energy in our lives.”

And today, this minute, this week and throughout the rest of this year or our days, I want us to learn the act of emptying, removing all those negative energy and renewing our minds. According to my daily devotion, the author state that we need to lose the clutter in our lives and I quote,

” The clutter you need to lose includes: believing that you’re alone ( and you’re not! ) trying to please everybody (I don’t try to), feeling insecure, putting yourself down, needing everybody to like you (it’s not possible, even dead people still have enemies!) jumping to negative conclusions before you know the fact (I’m sometimes guilty of this), thinking you’re always right (bah!) recalling all the times you messed up, wanting to know how it all turns out, needing to have all the answers (that can only happen in another planet I guess 🙂 ), worrying that if you let go of the memorabilia you’ll lose the memories, agonising that you’re not rich enough (everyone can’t be Bill Gate or Oprah Winfrey), good enough or clever enough, surrounding yourself with people who remember the bad times and not the good, (lose them!) making energy sucking comparisons, viewing life like a movie instead of participating, believing that the best days are over, waiting at all times for the right moment, fearing you will look foolish, focusing on negative type-casting…”

Believe me, the list goes on, but how on earth can you empty your heart and fill it with positive energy? Through the spirit, the spirit of God can renew your attitudes. We can do the direct opposites of the lists above, and believe me, that’s the art of emptying your clustered minds and lives. I don’t have all the answers of life but I do enjoy my life and you can too!!

Have a fantastic week, and remember, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Much love, always. 🙂