Dancing In The Wind…

1422037_33878856 arifhasan

Majestic, in bloom, in glory!

Full, proud, ever-present?

Completely nonchalant,

to the groaning of the grass.

Dancing in the wind

With the brides of breeze.

Gaily, pouting, showing of!

‘How beautiful I look!’

Thought the flower.

‘And how quickly you fade…’ scoffed the grass.

‘You’re just jealous of my beauty!’ the flower screeched.

‘No, am not,’ replied the grass, ‘it’s just the law of nature.’



Well… flowers fades, beauty fades (in humans), and I reckon the flower in the this short poetic musing is apparently enjoying itself (?) And the grass is ‘apparently’ telling ‘it’ off. More like life, be happy for those who are happy and show compassion for the weak, that’s just my take on it.

My kids are on holiday in a few hours, a week early, their school is constructing extra classrooms due to the ever-expanding London population. I’m not dreading it, they would hopefully, help me read my mountainous manuscripts! I now have a whole month off from my grumpy editor, Barbara! (she’ll probably kill me if she reads this!)

I appreciate your friendship guys, may you find peace this weekend. Enjoy today dear friends and have a great weekend!

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Much love, always.


31 comments on “Dancing In The Wind…

  1. Great pic, fantastic ‘musing’ and yes, the grass has every reason to be jealous… Have a great day!

  2. John says:

    Great photo, did you take it? Hope the kids being home will go well. I suppose it would be easier if they are not little ones. Be well!!

    • Seyi sandra says:

      No John, I didn’t take it. My kids are still in their teens, so very well behaved, and they love reading too. I appreciate your visit John, enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. i wonder, it must be great can dance in the wind.
    i offten dance with twillight, never try with the wind.


  4. I love the poem, Sandra. Happy weekend. I’m dreading my kinds coming on holidays. I will have no peace. 🙂

  5. melodylowes says:

    How funny that we were both writing about dancing – great minds thinking alike??? 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  7. ledrakenoir says:

    Your words dance so beautiful, my friend… 🙂

  8. Manu Kurup says:

    Oh! Good poem.
    Congrats on the book and thanks for the link. I’m gonna check it out from the Amazon link. 🙂

  9. yusra93 says:

    oh wow great !! brilliant..

  10. RoSy says:

    A beautiful photo – love the poem & always enjoy your words & thoughts after your writes.
    One day I will get to reading…My goal is to get to a few reads before kids start school. Will check out the one you say is a short summer read 😉

  11. Uzoma says:

    Another sweet poem from you. I like that it’s also complimented by an adorable pic…it gives the post a heavenly feel.

    I echo the words of some of your commenters about the footnote that accompany each post of yours. For me, each one is a treasure discovered whenever you make a blog update.

  12. Beautiful poem Seyi! I really enjoyed it. Have a great weekend. 😀

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