Stranded At Santum Close (3)

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Linda sat demurely on a wooden chair with her hands tied to the back, she had tried to search for a way of escape, but there appeared to be none. She looked round and surmised that the room where she was kept was a loft conversion, it was empty and bare, the tiled floor gleamed and had a funny smell. Her head ached and a soft moan escaped her bruised lips. ‘It’s unbelievable that I could be abducted in broad daylight!’ she thought indignantly with a frown.

She’d just came out from St Paul underground station and was walking briskly towards her office at Little Britain when a black Sedan parked beside her and two men jumped out, one grabbed her by the wrist and the other expertly dragged her to the back of the car and they zoomed off. Everything happened within minutes, she screamed but one of the men closed her mouth roughly with a white handkerchief, and the next thing she knew was waking up and finding herself strapped to a wooden chair. Strangely, she was not scared but was certainly worried about the motive behind her kidnapping.

She sat in the middle of the room with her back to the door. Sunlight streamed down from the only window in the room, for that, she was grateful because she hated staying in the dark. She heard a key turning on the door and someone entered. Linda gritted her teeth silently and waited.

A man came into view and slapped her hard on the face, her head jerked backwards violently, as an involuntary sob escaped her. Linda swallowed hard and tasted blood, rage built up inside her but she knew the only way she could survive was to show no fear. She clamped down on her resolve to scream. Her assailant was around Eliza’s age, twenty-three but massive with a baby face and arms built like steel, his brown wavy hair looked out-of-place on his white pasty skin. He crouched low and spat out angrily,

‘You’ve got nowhere to hide woman, your secret is out!’

Linda stared at the man, her hands hurt like hell, but the only thing she saw was her husband’s angry face. She stared defiantly at her accuser and asked,

‘What do you want from me? Who are you? What secrets are you talking about?’
‘You are the Führer‘s descendant and must be cleansed!’
‘The Führer?’ And she scoffed but suddenly, the dingy room where they were began to spin, Linda almost vomited as memories flashed through her mind. The whisperings in the night, the surreptitious looks her parents sneakily threw her way while she was dating Gordon and the final sigh of relief when she finally got married and her mother called her aside and dropped the bombshell, she was adopted – and from that moment onwards, her life changed forever. She had hidden her true parentage from Gordon; there was no need to embark on a pilgrimage that would only end in tears.
‘My biological father died shortly after I was born, my mother died in a road accident in Vienna when I was two, that’s all I know.’

‘You liar!’ the man screamed and raised his right hand to strike again but he froze when a shadow crossed his path.


I appreciate everyone who has read this story up till now, two more posts and it’s over – unless I changed my mind and turn it into a full length adult fiction but I’ve not decided yet, my hands are full as it is. The message in this story has to do with race, or our parentage. We can’t choose where we were born or to whom, so let’s just try to love one another in spite of our differences. Thanks so much for taking time to drop by!

Live well and love well!

🙂 🙂

25 comments on “Stranded At Santum Close (3)

  1. I love the progression of the story, it’s now obvious Linda is in trouble, can’t wait for the next part of the story!

  2. John says:

    Very gripping reading, thanks for posting this. 🙂

  3. Yes, truly gripping. but it seems missed part 2.

  4. JC says:

    So I waited patiently 🙂 But I am glad you mentioned what this is about because my suspicious mind would have turned this into a deep murder mystery! ha…
    Blessings to you my sister 🙂

  5. RoSy says:

    Oh – this keeps getting better & better!
    I bet you’re going to make me wait until next Wednesday again… 😉

  6. ledrakenoir says:

    I have been waiting a week for the next wednesday and will again wait another week for the next wednesday… 🙂 🙂 😉

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Oh dear friend, it shows your kindness, you’ll have to be patient with me and wait… it’s almost here, before you know it, would be Xmas again!
      🙂 🙂

  7. utesmile says:

    Need to know more….. can’t wait for the next instalment!

  8. wsforchrist says:

    Gritty, but compelling. Your story speaks to the vulnerability of women. Like utesmile above, can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      I love that word, ‘gritty’, too bad it aptly describes the kind of world we live in now! Glad you like it, do enjoy the rest of your day!
      Blessings. 🙂

  9. donwreford says:

    Just working out if we choose to be here or are here with no choice? I cannot make up my mind which one is so.

  10. Seyi sandra says:

    Oh yeah, I do think like that sometimes but I guess, the choice wasn’t ours, though we choose how we do live when we get here! Thanks for stopping by dear friend!

  11. gageier says:

    Liebste Seyi dankedir für deinen lieben Besuch wünsche dir einen schönen sonnigen Donnerstag und ganz viele liebe Grüße Klaus

  12. Uzoma says:

    Poor Linda, she didn’t see her abduction coming. In that strange place, her confined state really gave me the chills as a reader. Sis, ending this part yet again on a cliffhanger makes me want more. More. I wish this story could go on and on, but then…

    Thanks for the valuable lessons learnt.

  13. Anne Chia says:

    I need to know what happens next, don’t keep us waiting for too long 🙂

  14. seanbidd says:

    It can so go either way at this point, and escalation in the narrative is brilliant. The story could even step backwards as a sleepy P, and follow through to the present, with this part being the initial start point, and the previous parts being prior to the follow through before this point in the above… 🙂

    • Seyi sandra says:

      You’ve got the mind of a canny writer, Linda doesn’t know her real parents are, yet, they could still be alive or not, Gordon is left in the loop. Thinking of it, I could actually work more on the book next year. But I’ll round it up in two weeks time – and develop it further. Thanks for your visit Sean, hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 🙂

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