A Safe Haven!

Andras Petaron

(Photo credit: Andras Petaron)

I just can’t keep quiet, my heart is heavy, my spirit is crushed.

I looked round wildly like a horse in darkness and couldn’t make a sense of this horrific, senseless killing.

I couldn’t get the image of the deranged killer out of my mind.

I couldn’t sleep.

I believe in peace but this is too much to bear.

This is a wonderful world,

But this is also a violent world!

How can one truly explain this?

Britain is a safe haven,

 A great country fighting for justice,

She has opened her arms wide,

Invited people of all nations through her borders.

Yet, some people would not be satisfied.

They would kill in the name of a spineless god.

Thousands have been killed in the name of religion,

But I still believed in this safe haven.

My prayers to the mother and family of the slain soldier.

He is a hero, to me and many other mothers like me.

God bless Great Britain.

I have tried to avoid watching television but reading newspapers this morning, brought hell. This is bad, and sickening. Something must be done. There is so much violence in the world, and violence would not end wars.

Live well dear friends.

Much love, always!

Shame Of Savile

It’s a little bit annoying that it was after the death of Jimmy Savile, a celebrity and BBC veteran presenter of ”Top Of  The Pops,” that some very repugnant details of his private life was revealed. Saville was known by some of his cronies that he had a penchant for young fresh-faced girls.

They were probably too scared to speak or were just guessing and have no facts to back up their suspicions or they might be indulging in the same dastardly acts…only God knows the truth.

But I find it outrageous, disturbing and utterly disgusting that many people knew of his nefarious escapades yet kept quiet. Even the victims should have damned all the consequences and come forward, although I read in some newspapers that there were complaints and nothing was done about it or as the police would put it, ”there were insufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation”

Hopefully now that the whole sordid secrets of his farce of a life had been leaked to the public, something would be done and the victims could finally find closure.

The celebrity culture in the society we live in is a little overboard. What ‘ordinary people’ would go to jail for, a ‘celebrity’ would probably just get a caution.

To the ‘Saviles’ of this world, ”I hope your shame would be exposed before your demise else, your victims will be locked in the prison of their pain for forever!”

And we don’t really want that, do we?