Solemn London


(Extremism is like a cancer, eating deep into our freedom…)

As a lover of peace, freedom, and justice, I am appalled and sickened by the continuous senseless attack on innocent people by Islamist Extremism. Enough is enough! This evil must be rooted out, we can’t allow this to continue. Things has to change. Our tolerance as a nation is akin to weakness, most of my friends, even Muslims, believed as a country, we’ve pandered towards Islamist extremism, we need that to stop!

As a Christian, I can’t openly practice my faith if I were in Saudi Arabia but here in the UK, and every part of Europe, Muslims are free to practice their faith. I believe liberalism and political correctness is changing the landscape of this country.

In the wake of the Manchester and London Bridge Attack, I read William Blake’s poem with tears in my eyes!

I wandered through each chartered street,
Near where the chartered Thames does flow,
A mark in every face I meet,
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every man,
In every infant’s cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear:

How the chimney-sweeper’s cry
Every blackening church appals,
And the hapless soldier’s sigh
Runs in blood down palace-walls.

But most, through midnight streets I hear
How the youthful harlot’s curse
Blasts the new-born infant’s tear,
And blights with plagues the marriage-hearse.


 Islamist terrorism will not prevail in our nation but I also believe the Muslim communities have a lot to do to eradicate the vermin of extremism.

What are the Imams teaching young impressionable youths in their mosques? Why are young virile Muslims full of hatred and bitterness against Westernisation? I do believe that most of those who hate this country shouldn’t have any business living here.

There would continually be an excuse for evil to reign. The West had been blamed for majority of the crisis in the Middle East but if I remember correctly, the Arab Spring was not caused by the West. I believe in love, forgiveness, and peace. But I also believe in justice. And if there was one consolation to the debacle and orgy of violence unleashed on our cities in recent days, the death of the three cowardly Jihadists was decisive and just.

In this sad times, I pray for the families of everyone affected by the Manchester and London Bridge Attack. As our Prime Minister had said, Enough Is Enough!!!

29 comments on “Solemn London

  1. Great post. I blogged about the attack today as well.

  2. george-b says:

    Satanism is not a religion but a economic-political system of expansion and proliferation of unnatural unculturalism cavism antievolutionistic nihilism. It gotta go all of it extremism or not!

  3. FCEtier says:

    Well stated. I, too, “believe in love, forgiveness, and peace.”
    I also believe God’s promises will be fulfilled.
    Like the old adage, “Pray for help, and keep rowing for the shore,” I believe that faith without works is dead. We should be praying and also doing whatever we can to promote peace and justice.
    Thanks for a significant blog!

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks my friend. I echo your word, “Pray for help, and keep rowing for the shore,” I certainly believe in a bright future for the world. We shouldn’t give up, we should keep praying.
      I’m grateful for your visit and comment.

  4. I applaud your courageous post in light of pc these days. Your words are beautifully written with empathy, compassion, outrage and love. I couldn’t agree more. Bravo. ❤

  5. So glad you are safe, Sandra. 🙂

  6. This is so well-written, Seyi. Your compassion and frustration comes across.
    These are feelings we are all having. I pray a solution to help these issues is found soon.
    Be well … be safe … Blessings
    Isadora 😎

    • Seyi sandra says:

      It’s really sad. I poured out my feelings and frustration in that article. I echo your prayers and hope there would be a solution soon. I’m grateful for your visit and comment my friend!

  7. No one in Europe should “wonder why” Islamic terrorism is happening – or why the police don’t do anything to the suspects on watch lists until it’s too late – their traitorous governments are importing terrorism on purpose. The NWO wants Europe to fail; they want economic collapse and Islamic terrorism and WWIII to consolidate more money and power in the hands of a small elite.

    Islamic Terrorism will be the new normal as long as Europeans are not willing to fight it. This is a one-sided war. The jihadists know they are at war, but the Christian West, Europe in particular, is unwilling to acknowledge the state of war.

    I think this is what Nostradamus was describing centuries ago when his prophecies warned that “negligence” and “neglect” would leave Western Europe open to an Islamic Invasion. Read – Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe –

    It saddens me to study end times Bible prophecy and other sources and to know what we must go through before we finally come through the other side of another war to achieve peace.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      This is scary David. However, I believe in prayers, strategy and vigilance. Hopefully, the alarming speed of events will spur governments here in the UK and Europe to plan ways of thwarting the agendas of the wicked on the innocent.
      I appreciate your visit and comment, hopefully, the current spate of events would not become the new ‘normal.’

  8. Love and hatred are two sides to a coin. As a nation, together, we can overcome the evil of terrorism but it will take time, courage, and perseverance. Excellent article Seyi.
    Christy Nelson

  9. Lori says:

    Seyi, my heart is with all those affected by these horrific attacks. I couldn’t agree with you more, except in one area. I don’t believe they terrorize due to a hatred of the west. I believe it is because they want to convert the world. If the world will not convert to their Sharia (I don’t care about the correct spelling of their oppressive laws), then they will kill, maim and harm the “infidels.” They are a barbaric, backwards thinking, ignorant lot. Did you know that they kill just as many Muslims as nonMuslims because they aren’t obeying Sharia law the way they feel it should be obeyed? They have declared war on all nonMuslims and apostates, while many of our leaders are telling us we are not at war. Something more needs to be done. God Bless you. Stay safe.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Hello Lori, after reading and re-reading your comment, I can’t but agree. My prayer now is, I hope our security operatives would be smarter than those filthy killers, catch them before they commit more atrocities.
      We are certainly at war, with hatred, violence, racism, madness, ignorance, disease of the mind all masquerade and entrenched in ancient beliefs.
      Sometimes, it’s tiring just imagining how people could believe that they could kill and get a certain kind of reward. It’s sickening.
      I appreciate your visit my friend, and please, stay safe too.

  10. danniehill says:

    Well said. This can’t continue

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Dannie, it definitely can’t continue and sincerely, I hope things would change for the better. I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend.

  11. utesmile says:

    Seyi, I am totally with you and again, it keeps going on even in my area now too. It cannot continue absolutely. Stay safe!

  12. Terrorism continues to plague our world as the prince of the air uses those who fear and are lost, to create pain and suffering in the lives of the innocent. I can see how simple it can be to suggest one particular group is responsible. But as I watch the reports of today (6/19) as a man ran over Muslims shouting hateful words, I remember the question. What would Jesus do? Our role as Christians is still to love. A dear friend of mine has just relocated to London to assist with one of our churches. Another co-worker is frantically calling her daughter who is a student studying there. But it doesn’t matter where we are. We all must be determined to carry out the gospel, just as the apostles did, and pray the Holy Spirit will be with us all. I am praying for you and yours. Peace my sister.

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