A Changed Life

I saw this on my way home from work today and knew I had to share it. My dad used to tell me that every day is the same but what we put in a day is what makes it different. The political landscape of our country has changed today and this is as a result of decisions we all made.

What have you invested in today?

Only you can create your future.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Much love, always!!



20 comments on “A Changed Life

  1. A short but powerful article. If we could only pause and think about our actions, we would certainly make the world a more interesting place. Have a nice weekend Seyi.
    Christy Nelson

  2. Sandra my dear, the world has become a bitter place indeed. Everyday and its horrors in different shapes and sizes. Ghana just lost an illustrious son through mob justice. We are trusting God for His will. I’m happy you are safe and I trust you are writing to soon come out with a publication.:-)

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks my friend. The hatred in the world is palpable, you can almost touch it. I read that story with tears in my eyes, and he has such young children too.
      I’ve been writing, it’s just finding time to complete it and go ahead with the publication. I’m grateful for your visit, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your week Celestine.

  3. danniehill says:

    A few rules to live by!

  4. Always sage wisdom. Thank you!

  5. utesmile says:

    Good one! Thank you!

  6. Ste J says:

    In these crazy times, we really should be going for what makes us happy. life is short.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Life is so damn short. My kids are growing up so fast I want to scream. I just realised the key to enjoying life is doing what makes one happy. Me, writing, reading, nature, makes happy…
      Take care old friend. Still working on that dream!

  7. Kip Walkin says:

    It all begins with us. Our thoughts, ideas, decisions and actions all add up to recreate our everyday lives, and by extension our society. What we see in the world today is a reflection of the hearts of humans. It’s really sad.

    A deep and nice one Seyi. Do have a blessed time. Warm regards to the family too.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks so much Kip. Succinctly put, ‘what we see in the world today is a reflection of the hearts of humans. It’s really sad.’ I can’t really add much to that.
      I really appreciate your visit, hope you’ll visit again.

      • Kip Walkin says:

        I sure will visit again Seyi, you bet. I know I’ve been off blogging for a long time now, but I’ve been back since last month and hopefully will be around going forward.

        Do take care of yourself, stay safe and remain blessed.

  8. unclerave says:

    SO true, Seyi! BUT, when one is raised in a “Better Safe than Sorry” ultra cautious, and perfectionist, parent/child relationship, it is so, so, SO hard to transition to a “Just Do It” mentality. I’m not as bad as I was, but I could be so much more if I could overcome my upbringing. — YUR

  9. Seyi sandra says:

    I understand Unclerave… our upbringing does have a lot to do with who we are, although we might be able to move from our way of thinking if we broaden our horizons and that does take a lot of work!

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