The Watchman


Watchman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The angel fell down with a thud and grabbed hold of Arianna, she spurned round and screamed, her eyes turned red and her mother shook her so she could come back to reality.

”You’re safe now, it was all a dream,” she whispered stroking her hair and singing softly until she slept again, her head in her mother’s arms.

Arianna’s mom gently laid her on the bed and pulled the duvet up to her chin and silently tiptoed out of the room but before she closed the door, her daughter whispered,

”He is with me mom, I am no longer afraid.”

A light shone above her head while a huge mysterious man sat by the window pane, watching her sleep. The night was quiet but Arianna’s snoring was like a slow ballad in a quiet night. The man watching sleep smiled and waited, he would stay with her until dawn and for the rest of her life.

Her mother smiled and closed the door, but she lingered outside her daughter’s door, listening for any sound but she heard nothing and then she walked to her own room, safe in the knowledge that Arianna’s sleep will no longer be punctuated with nightmares.

But is Arianna safe?

This is just a short illustration intended for this post.

Like Arianna, we live in a world fraught with dangers but we need to have an anchor, someone we can trust, somebody to run to when the going gets tough, someone to sing with in time of jubilee, and someone to talk to in our moment of fear.

We cannot leave our lives to chance, blown about by every wind of doctrine, we need a watchman, someone to care for our soul, to give us a reason for living.

I believe nobody was born as a mistake, there is purpose to every life, a reason for our existence.

I have found mine, have you found yours?


16 comments on “The Watchman

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    This story is familiar to most parents, a child waking in the night from fear and comforted by the love of their mother or father. Thank you for sharing this with me, it brings pleasant memories of my children childhood.

  2. June says:

    In whatever form, we find something or someone to help us get through our days and nights. Either intuition, hope or faith it matters less just as long as we believe, nothing is impossible.
    I’m glad that you’ve found your “Watchman” Seyi, I did too but in my own special belief.
    Have a great day!

  3. marlhtv says:

    What I liked is I felt like I was watching the scene in person, but no one knew I was there.

  4. “…like a slow ballad in a quiet night.” awesome!!!

  5. I love this, while I’m going through my trials now, I know exactly who my Watchman is; and I’m so thankful for it. Thank you.

  6. I truly believe we all have angels watching over us every second, encouraging,comforting, and protecting us. Thanks for the great story.

  7. I loved this. It reminded me of my watchmen, and of my purpose. I have been fortunate enough to have plenty of each. Really gives me peace to know so. Thanks!

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