A True Heart…

Gavin Terpisra, Sydney!

(Photo credit: Gavin Terpisra. Sydney)

 Our hearts is like magnet, a wise man once said that what we want we attract, and what we hate we dispel and I think he’s right. Have you ever wondered why events that happened to you years ago suddenly springs to the fore accompanied by lofty feelings of elation or suppressed emotions of despair?

It’s because everything we are, our dynamic make up, the very essence of our being is wrapped within that magic word, ‘Heart.’ No wonder, this words of scripture sums it up perfectly, ‘guide your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.’

Great inventions, lofty ideas, beautiful visions, breakthroughs in science, medicine, all kinds of technological advancement or feats and every endearing development we see today was initially conceived from the heart as a thought process before it became a reality.

Murderers, Paedophiles, Liars, Suicide bombers and even that cancerous evil called divorce all stem from the heart. Great hearts shape the world, evil hearts kill our beautiful earth slowly…

Everything I am today and will ever be comes from my heart!

What about you?


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Prominence Earth

Prominence Earth (Photo credit: Lights In The Dark)

 I watched with mouth agape at the volcanic eruption as earth spurted in anger.

‘What’s this? Why so much anger, so much stress?’

‘Because I’ve been so unfairly treated,’ said Mr. Earth,

‘By who?,’ I asked in fear.

‘By the sons of men,’ Mr. Earth replied with an ancient growl

that ruled the waves of the sea.

‘I’m tired of the bloodshed, the hunger and the tears of the innocent,

men raping women, children killing adults and babies,

evil abounds and I’m losing my patience

my core will spill out and it’s not going to be pretty.’

I was quiet, staring in disbelief as the rain of fire intensified

I’ll better run, I mused and found out my feet was glued

to the ground as lava moved stealthily towards me.

‘Only a change of heart can save your planet,’

Mr. Earth’s eerie voice receded into

darkness and I woke up!

It was all a dream…

The Feet Of Hope!


      The solar wind blew but we are safe, despite the predictions, the earth stood still

We are alive and well. The year will bring good tidings of love and hope!

The sun, the moon, the stars and all other planets danced with the earth.

Another year,  hope reborn, desires rekindles.

To all my friends and people unknown, I wish you Joy, Peace, and

May all your dreams come true.

With love from me to you!

Happy New Year!!!

Less Of A Monster!

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

Of recent, I have watched different programmes about the end of the world. And it really got me thinking of what really matters, not the bills which sneaked stealthily through my door this morning, nor my recalcitrant agent or my elusive publishers. None of this weighty issues bothered me this morning when I woke up but just this  composite thought. Our beautiful earth is groaning under the weight of incessant wars, uncontrollable population and sheer wickedness and cruelty directed towards all living things. The degree and level with which these atrocious acts have been repeatedly committed is alarming. And I thought, will the world truly come to an end?

Yes, there will be an end, but no one can really predict the exact time and moment. And you would think that sometimes we should just pause and reappraised our lives, but do we do that? Don’t know about you but I sure do once in a while, like now as I am writing this piece.

And I ask myself soliloquizing, are we living in a cocoon? Isolated from the real world or actually living in ‘a world village’ whereby we can integrate and live with anyone from any race, tribe or ideologies. Where there is nothing like been politically correct, where there is no cast system, where the smoky bridge between the rich and the poor are irrevocably extinguished.

But It was not so in the beginning. God created all things beautiful and then the devil came and mess it up right? Wrong! Humans did the messing up bit, we lost the plot big time. But how do we rectify it all, simple! By becoming less of a monster!!

But if the world will really come to an end then what is the essence of life itself? This is a question I often ask myself; why the race to be rich at all cost and at the same time why would you want to be a pauper? If the world should implode today due to our destructive natures and selfishness, what would have been the reason for it all in the first place?

Why was the earth created by God? Why create humans and allow them to build weapons of mass destruction to annihilate each other? Now, these are questions I can’t comfortably answer but I do know that God gave us free will, it’s up to you what you make of it!

And to all my questions above, I believe the essence of life is love. It’s as simple as that and I truly believe  God created the world out of His love for humanity and all the richness of the earth for us to enjoy.

Maybe time is running out but we can still make an impact. Whether the world ends when I finish writing this post or in five billion years. We can make a change. A random acts of kindness will make us less of a monster.

Thanks for reading my post!