Chasing Humans: A Poetic Film

”Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.’‘ – Samuel Butler. I agree because life and love is a journey. Find out more in this short documentary I wrote and directed with a friend.


Here’s a transcript of the film:

Life is a journey, and it starts with a cry… the cry of a new-born baby. It ends with moans, groans, or the contented sigh of an older man or woman who’s led a fruitful life.

Or it can end in running feet, a chase, a stab, searing pain, blood splattered on the sidewalk, the cold street receding away as a young life flitter away into nothingness…

A life cut short…

Humans are chasing humans and killing without thought or regard for the pains inflicted on unfamiliar people.

Life can end well, or, it may end in tragedy.

Twenty years ago, I got married to the man of my dreams, and two years later, I was in the hospital, in labour, and anticipating the birth of my son.

It was a complicated process. A short life, my son passed away two days after he was born.

My life stopped briefly.

I didn’t know how to process my grief. I cried every night, and I prayed every night.

Days passed. Time didn’t wait for my grief. And I healed with the love of my husband and family.

Three months later, there was a miracle.

I was pregnant again. This time, everything felt different, but I was hiding my fears. I smiled openly while I cried and cringed inside, wondering if the new life growing inside me would live, and survive.

Nine months later, I welcomed another son.
He lives. He’s kind and makes me laugh. He’s energetic and loves life. I had two more children, a daughter and another son.

My family means everything to me.

But something is wrong.

I’ve lived in London for over fifteen years, and every time there’s a young life wasted on the streets, I remember the child I lost.

Although my son died as a new-born baby and in different circumstances, I relive the pain every time I read or watch the news of another senseless killing of young people on our streets.

My eldest son is now 17. He’s brilliant and hardworking. He had one of the best GCSE results in his school, and he’s currently studying Medicine at A levels. He wants to be a doctor. Samuel wants to help and make our society a better place for everyone.

But should I be afraid anytime he’s out of the house? Or because of the colour of his skin?

Can I have hope that things will improve, and that love may conquer hatred, racism, anger and the ugliness inherent in the human soul?

My son believes in a better society, a better world.

Rafael Benedetti wants the world to see goodness in him. Fay Beneddeti intends to champion the course of women and family. These people are keen to see positive changes in our society.

Maybe, there is hope Afterall.

I won’t be afraid anymore.

Hope, no matter how fleeting is still better than fear.

Loving humans can be a reality while chasing humans could become a myth.

I hope love wins!

I want life to end well for our young people.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Seyi Sandra David.


13 comments on “Chasing Humans: A Poetic Film

  1. A deep, moving film! Love can change our society if we allow it.

  2. Lori says:

    Seyi, what a wonderful job you’ve done on this documentary. Have you done something like this before? You’re a pro.

    What a sad story about losing your child. I understand that kind of pain all too well. My heart goes out to you. I understand your fear for your living children as well. I think every parent always worries about their children and wish they could protect them forever.

    I’m sorry if you or your family have ever suffered at the hands of racism. You are such a kind lady who has raised a wonderful man who will make a difference. I wish you warm blessings always.

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. This is my first foray into documentary. I would do more of this now. The film was done as one of my modules. I’m currently doing my Master’s degree. I’m looking forward to working in television and directing more films.
      The pain of losing a child never really goes away but it may lessen with time. I have suffered what I called ’mild racism’ I’m quiet fair so maybe that helps. But yeah, it’s human nature isn’t it? I choose not to see or acknowledge it but as a parent, I want to protect my children from any form of abuse.
      You’re so kind, thank you for being a friend always. Wishing you lots of love. 😀

  3. danniehill says:

    Beautiful and heartfelt. Yo made me think and rejoice at what we can be

  4. Racheal Imoru says:

    This is so beautiful and really nicely put together, well done. I really admire your strength having been through what you have. Thanks for sharing.

    This is a reality of what a lot of people go through so this will really bless someone. While we have the fear in our heart, we can be rest assured in out Lord Jesus that he is able to keep what we commit to him. So let’s continue to keep our children in his love and care

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Racheal. My hope and strength had always come from our Lord Jesus Christ, without Him, I would even be alive at all. I have faith that our children would be safe from harm by the special grace of God. Thank you so much for your kindness. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Oh my dear friend, I am moved to tears with your beautiful and heartfelt documentary. These are frightening times and so many times we hear on the news yet another report of senseless crime in the young and on the streets of our beloved London especially. But you say it all when you say this: ‘Hope, no matter how fleeting is still better than fear.’ We must hold onto hope for a better life for our young people, for the end to racism and to heal the sick root at the heart of our society. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, it is wonderful to read (and hear and see you!) again. What a priceless treasure in all your dear children and husband. Through your pain and loss you are blessed mightily. Much love to you and your beautiful family, and prayers for you all as you go forward in this beautiful life, safe and protected and spreading your kindness and message to all who would listen. God bless, you, dear Seyi. Your friend, Sherri ❤ xxxxxxx

    • Seyi Sandra says:

      Thank you so much for your kindness dear Sherri. I agree with your assertion, we live in very dangerous times indeed. I’ll take a quote from Mathew 24:7, ‘nation will rise against nation and people against people.’ It’s just the times we live in but this world will change for better, we can only pray and hope so.
      I am so very grateful for your friendship and kindness over the years, and it is my hope that very soon, we will meet and talk about everything under the sun. 🙂
      I am very passionate about young people because the right guidance could change their lives. It’s been relatively peaceful in London for a while, hopefully, things would change.
      I wish you so much love and prayer, that you would also live your life in peace, contentment and joy. Thank you so much my dear friend. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Thank you, dear Seyi, as I am so grateful for your friendship, also. We stand together in prayer and hope and love. Take care, dear, lovely friend and have a wonderful, happy weekend. Much love, peace and blessings to you and yours always…Sherri ❤ 🙂 xxxxx

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