The Hagglers

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(Photo credit: Flickr)


When the world haggle senselessly,

Stoning themselves with hatred endlessly,

I simply laugh continuously.

They fail to see my beauty

They fail to see my work.

They only see their evil

splattered all over their world.

I weep for my clouds,

I weep for my mountains.

My hills groaned with displeasure.

as my leaves danced with agitation.

When will sons see their foolishness,

and embrace joy?

Until I steal the wind? Or make

my rivers dry?

They haggle for the price of peace,

when they only need to love.


I rarely watch the news, but I love reading newspapers and when I do, I’ll check BBC website on my laptop for updates which is ironic, because at the end of the day, I still watch news, albeit, reluctantly. This simple poem didn’t follow any pattern but it just came to me when I saw this stunning picture. I want to celebrate the earth, so I take the place of a creator bemoaning the stupidity of His creations. I hope you like it.

To all my American friends, I wish you ‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ in advance, and to those caught up in the Ferguson riots, please keep out of it and stay safe.

Enjoy the rest of the week friends!

Much love, always! 🙂

39 comments on “The Hagglers

  1. Passionate, I love the last stanza, it simply encapsulate the essence of your poem. Great job again Seyi.
    Christy Nelson.

  2. ledrakenoir says:

    Very well written, my friend… 🙂

    I always ‘catch’ my news from online or papers – never from televisons (we don’t have any) – I think televison news are much too much showbusiness… 😀

    Best wishes for you and yours… 🙂

  3. FCEtier says:

    I’ve been on a “news fast” for over ten years!
    For me, everything is history.
    The best to you and yours, too.

  4. Apphiaone says:

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving to u too! I am loving yr work…glad I stopped at yr blog page…

  5. Seyi, I love your poignant poem. The final sentence sums up the state of the earth perfectly.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  6. Al says:

    I really like this poem. It fairly sings and dances the words through. I love the way it doesn’t rhym . It is uniquely unique

  7. Beautiful…and oh so true! Thanks for sharing some much needed wisdom and love during this time of turmoil.

  8. Paul J. Stam says:

    Your poem reminds me of the words of Bob Dulan’s song, “Blowin in the Wind.” The answer, My Friend, is Blowin in the wind… Blessings and Aloha – pjs.

  9. Sherri says:

    Beautiful poem dear Seyi, and I can see how you felt when you looked at the gorgeous photo. I love your creativity and your tender, beautiful heart. Very sad what’s going on in Ferguson. I’m signing off after today until next week, so I wish for you a blessed, peaceful and productive week/weekend ahead. With much love to you from me and see you soon my dear friend 🙂

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks for your kind comment my friend. The photo was pristine and I sincerely wished the world was as trouble free as that photo. There’s one ‘Ferguson’ in every nation on earth, there would always be trouble when people don’t love truly.
      Do have a peaceful week my friend, take good care of yourself. My love to you and all that is yours!
      🙂 🙂

  10. mihrank says:

    . Enjoy Your Thanksgiving! May your holiday be joyful and may happiness surround it, with good things on your table and those you love around it!

  11. Is this clouds natural or are they chemtrails from airplanes?
    What do you think?

  12. The picture is beautiful, so are the words. And very apt. I believe that is what the Creator is really thinking, ;you know. 🙂

  13. A very powerful poem, Seyi. I especially liked the line, When will sons see their foolishness, and embrace joy? When, indeed. A belated Happy American Thanksgiving to you, and I’m sorry I can’t send you a big piece of pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream!! : )

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks Mark, it’s been a while! I’m so grateful for your visit and kind comment. Thanks for wishing me well, I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. 🙂 Christmas is a few days away, hope you’ve bought your gifts and stuff. I’ll be stopping over at yours soon.
      Blessings. 🙂

  14. Ste J says:

    As a species, we are blind to the beauty out there, I hope we learn before it is too late. The news is terrible these days, even the papers have their fair share of bad and biased writing,. everybody has an agenda it seems. I love your poem, it has a great balance of anguish and incredulity.

    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thanks my friend. Every where you turn, it’s a kind of a horror story. Forever the optimist, I’m certain a day would come when we’ll be singing a new tune. I’m glad you like my poem, appreciate it.

  15. gageier says:

    Liebe Seyi eine Gute Nacht wünsche ich dir und eine schöne Vorweihnachtswoche Klaus

  16. The image looks like you took a paint brush through the sky.

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