Madness Of A Mob

The price placed on human life is significantly lower than that of animals in some countries and it is scary to even think about it. I was sent straight to the stone age when the news broke about a horrible lynching in Nigeria.

The scene was akin to something you’d watch in a low budget horror movie, it was gory and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole sordid thing on YouTube but this horrible madness should be vehemently condemned.

The story broke out on Friday evening and initially the facts surrounding the events leading up to the lynching were sketchy but by the time all the facts were laid bare, I was literally shaking with disgust. I think it was last Friday when four university students in Port Harcourt, River state in southern part of Nigeria were alleged to have been caught red-handed stealing mobile phones and laptop, and ‘jungle’ justice was meted out on them.

So the boys were caught stealing but that does not warrant such an act of barbarism and coward disregard for the rule of law and the sanctity of human life. The Norwegian monster, Breivik who murdered young people on a retreat was jailed for a mere twenty one years, actually he deserved the death penalty for his actions but Norway was trying to send a message out and I think it should be phrased thus ”WE ARE CIVILISED”

This act of taking laws into one’s own hands shows the level in which a society has disintegrated to, it’s disgraceful, inhumane and evil. I knew some people have been apprehended but what would come out from such a trial? It is really scary that at this age, human beings could descend so low to kill and even have the audacity of filming the whole sordid act.

The perpetrators should be apprehended and dealt with in a civilised manner. I am sure Hitler would be grinning wherever he is, because he’s got company.

Only God knows the madness inherent in people…

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