Do Yourself A Favour…Forgive!

Family Portrait

Family Portrait (Photo credit: Gideon Tsang)

I once heard the story of a guy who has been married for fifteen years and then his wife came to him one hot summer afternoon weeping uncontrollably.

”What’s the matter darling,” the man asked obviously concerned.

”I can’t do this anymore,” she bellowed uncontrollably, tears streaming down her pale red face in torrents.

Like most husbands, this man was confused and a little scared by the dramatics going on in front of him. After a couple of more ”oh God what have  I done?,” the wife calmed down and then there was an uneasy silence.

The man waited for an explanation behind the outburst of emotion but when none was forthcoming, he did what most men would do, no! let me not generalise. He did what ”some” men would do, he lost his cool demeanour.

”What the hell is wrong with you!”

”I am sorry,” she hurriedly apologised, ” but I can’t live a lie anymore.”

Well you can guess the temperature in that room must have dipped to about minus forty degrees.

The wife confessed and you’ve guessed correctly, she was an adulterer and has been having an affair which had lasted till that moment.

And can you guess the saddest part of the story?  This couple was blessed with four intelligent, healthy boys and not a single one of this kids was the man’s.

I am positive you can correctly predict the end of the tale but can you forgive such a woman?

This was a true story and the man in question did forgive but the woman couldn’t forgive herself…

Forgiveness is hard but it releases you from a prison of bitterness. God can help ease the pain though, only He can do that.

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