Fanatics On The Prowl

It seemed the events of the past few days can be aptly described as ludicrous, uncalled for and a useless way to express one’s faith, or the madness of faith. I don’t get why I would bother fighting for a ‘God’ who cannot defend ‘himself’

I respect people and their ‘faiths’ but when at the instance of very little provocation, there is wanton destruction of lives and property, then something is fundamentally wrong.

I was watching the news today and was dismayed that Pakistan declared ‘Day Of Love’ a day designated to show love for their prophet, a day to fight for Prophet Mohammed and what was the end result? Blatant waste of lives.

Scores of the demonstrators lay dead, in a pool of their own blood, all because a man dared express his opinion about a religion. I don’t subscribe to insulting people or their beliefs but neither do I support murder!

Islam is declared as a religion of peace and tolerance yet time and time again we have seen thousands mutilated and killed in  the name of a god?

Nigeria is a classical example where a group of fanatics will gather together in the name of religion and orchestrate orgies of violence against defenceless people. Thousands have been brutally murdered, especially in the northern parts of Nigeria densely populated by Muslims…

A word wrongly spoken or a whisper misdirected could spark a riot and Christians are always at the receiving end again and again and again.

Boko Haram, a militant Jihadist sect famed for their murderous activities have killed thousands of people in the northern part of Nigeria, according to Wikipedia, ten thousand people are reported to have been killed since the organisation was formed in 2001 by Mohammed Yusuf who believed that Western education is sinful and that Sharia law must be enforced at all cost in the country.

Yet, he was riding a jeep and using laptop, he even knew how to make a bomb! I can go on and on over this but as for me, I don’t see the reason why I would fight for a god who cannot defend himself…

2 comments on “Fanatics On The Prowl

  1. Terrorists are worse than the devil, they are vermin of society!

  2. Reblogged this on arrowgatepublishing and commented:
    Everyone should read this great article! It’s a shame that some people revel in the deaths of innocent, harmless people. A very thoughtful post!

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