Shadows And Dust

Let the Feelings Go

Let the Feelings Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feelings are useless and trivial if it cannot be substantiated with facts and how do you do that?

What people say or do can influence how we feel but that shouldn’t be the case else we’ll just end up frustrated and sad all the time.

Life basically, is what we feel, several times I’ll say to my husband,

”I am so tired, I hate my job, I feel I should quit,” and he would smile coyly with a knowing look in his brown expressive eyes and reply,

”Why don’t you have a little nap and I’ll take care of the kids and make dinner”

Once those golden words are out, my job is no longer a hell hole. The fact of the matter was, I was simply tired and assumed that because I was physically drained my job was to blame because that was the way I was feeling.

But my feeling was wrong. My job should not dictate how I feel, I should decide my own emotions and how I react to people or events in my life. However, without feelings, emotion, sense, sensation, mood, reaction we would all be robots.

Don’t get me wrong guys, maybe, you work in the most horrible place on earth but your feelings should not dictate your pursuit of happiness. You can never get along with everyone but why not try to get along with yourself first!

Feelings are like shadows, they follow us around. It is associated with love, hatred, murder, lust you just name it, the list is endless.

But feelings can be tamed and controlled. You can choose the way you react to circumstances in your life even if you can’t control a larger part of it.

Dust  are filth that should be cleanse, some of our feelings should be totally ignored, so that we can forge ahead and achieve great things in life.



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