Hateful Wars

I was glad when the war in Libya was finally over but then Syria began the systematic annihilation of her citizens and the orgy of violence gradually escalates. However, it was Bashar Alhasad who initiated the deadly rites into the land of the dead.

Daily he is assisting the boat man(death) to take his people over to the land of no song and no sun. But sooner or later, the boat man will be back. He will be back for the prize, and it is his very soul, Bashar’s soul that will be harvested by the ancient riper.

I will be glad when this war is over… and the souls of the innocent are spared. But like my mother would say in this wonderful African proverb, ”The dog that will get lost will not hear the whistle of the hunter.”

Maybe dictators like Bashar are destined for perdition.

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