This is a beautiful lovely beach… I could just visualise myself here reclining on a beach chair and thinking of the next bestseller to write or just digging my feet in the soft sand. With my brood safely tucked away in the hotel. Love this!

One Wild Life


What makes Makalawena special is that you have to REALLY want to get there.  Either you can walk across a scorching hot lava field (WITH sunscreen, believe me!), or drive on what my sister says is the “gnarliest” four wheel drive road she’s ever seen.  As it is, in order to even get to where you walk you have to drive on a pretty touchy road.  My husband went four wheeling for the first time ever on the way home, in our Honda Accord.

In the end, you get to this.  Total serenity.

A nearly deserted stretch of white sand beach with turquoise water.

It is part of Kehaka Kai state park, which has more than one beach associated with it.  Apparently there is good surfing here.  The water was pretty strong here, playing in the surf it was hard to stand your ground.  Kind of intense with little…

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