Your Life Does Matter!

English: A photograph of 3 teddy bears.

English: A photograph of 3 teddy bears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every one has dealt with issues in their lives, and sometimes, fear can rear its ugly head when you least expected. But constantly dwelling on your fears or weakness just reinforces it.

Which brought my wedding day to my memory, it was only a few hours away, my heart was light and suddenly the sun shone brighter, the leaves appear greener and Yogi, my teddy bear who has been my constant support throughout my growing years was looking radiant. Its fur was worn out and all its fluffiness was a distant memory but I still loved my Yogi, it was my birthday present when I was ten and fifteen years later, it was still by my side.

Then my dad walked into my room in the midst of the laughter and preparations, my friends were crammed inside, each one trying to outsmart the other with tales of years gone by, he beckoned me to follow him and I did, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, I was getting married and the whole world is at peace, what more could I wish for?

”You will not find life smooth sailing every day Seyi,” he said closing the door of his room and staring straight into my eyeballs. My mood plummeted like a pack of cards as I watched the fleeting emotions on his face, did I perceived fear?

”You will face life threatening situations, just dig deep and you find the courage to fight off any adversary.”

”Why dad? Why speak of trouble, why not of triumphs and victories,” I countered.

He smiled and the dimples on his cheeks deepened.

”Because you cannot taste victory without first going to war and triumph cannot know your abode without a confrontation, that is the way life is, just have this at the back of your mind, your life does matter.” he replied and gave me a bear hug, patting me on the shoulder and I left his room.

Days later, his words haunted me and I was scared because the picture he painted was not rosy but he knew better, he’s been married for fifty years, they’ve endured unimaginable pressures and problems and they came out unscathed but more strengthened than ever.

My parents have enjoyed wealth and poverty, they’ve planted and reaped bountifully yet sometimes the store houses were empty and the ravaging wolves of poverty and disease attacked from all corners but they stood firm in their faith in the God of their lives and like he said, they’ve triumphed.

My dad is tipping towards the twilight of his life, he has failed severally and won many battles, he’s human and his weaknesses sometimes threatened to overwhelm him and when I think of how quick time flies my heart shudders with what would be and what could have been.

Peter Nelson is my father and I am proud to be his daughter, he once told me my life matters and I believed him because he was saying the truth.

Your LIFE matters too, you just have to believe me!

I am sure it does!!

Behind Closed Doors

English: Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Mag...

English: Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wondered what happened behind other people’s closed doors! Wow! Wait there! You may holler and object but yeah, I do think about it sometimes and what brought about this weird idea?

The story of little April Jones, an innocent little girl snatched as she played near her family home, only God knows what happened to her! It was alleged she was abducted by a close family friend. And whatever happened to her afterward was behind closed doors! See my point? Wished I was right there in that seedy little house and punch the kidnapper in the face before taking her away from harm’s way.

Just imagine all kinds of atrocities people commit and at the end of the day when it’s revealed don’t you ever wish you could just bump in behind that closed door? Smashed it open and rescue the damsel in distress? Unfortunately, things don’t always go that way in the real world except in dreams! Or maybe Hollywood movies.

Right now am watching ‘Twilight’ as I am penning this post (the first series) and Kristen Stewart was saved several times from other predators by her Vampire boyfriend, I don’t really want to delve deeper on the movie but I just fantasised sometimes about having supernatural power that could help people in distress.

So there you have it. Which brought something to my remembrance, I was writing as usual in the living room after putting the kids to bed when I heard a piercing scream. I ignored it, it could be passersby playing pranks, it’s happened before but the screaming persisted so I had no choice than to investigate, (my husband was still at work by the way!)

To my horror, a lady was been assaulted in a car parked opposite my house! What effrontery!! I was shocked, didn’t know what to do so I went back upstairs and took my phone, when I opened the door downstairs, the screaming had intensified and then I dialled the police.

As if on cue, the door of the Vauxhall car opened with a vengeance and the lady was pushed out with such brute force, I almost fainted with the level of violence and the car zoomed off into the night.

I clicked my phone shut when I saw the look in the eye of the lady which seemed to say, ‘Mind your business!’

And I did, nothing more I could do. At least she wasn’t killed which made me quite happy.