The Stranger’s Gift.


(Photo credit: Andy O)

His eyes glowed like embers in pitch darkness.

He groaned inwardly and scratched his head,

waiting for word about the stranger.

The stranger appeared unannounced, Lucifer ducked swiftly, shocked.

His golden eyes moved in anger, he swayed unsteadily and mouthed the words,


The stranger’s eyes was full of power, he opened his palms.

Spirits of the underworld screeched in fear, all but one left

Lucifer’s side, Tyrus, his son.

The stranger took the keys from Lucifer’s trembling hands and volcanic ash spurted out.

Voices muddled up, demons fart in disgust, Lucifer was helpless.

The deep grumbled in protest, the core of the heart rumbled.

The stranger floated out of hell, the keys in his palms.

Oh death, where is thy sting!

Oh grave where is thy victory.

‘You are but a stranger to your own,’

Lucifer spat out and the stranger, whom is the Lord smiled,

‘My sheep hear my voice, my own are mine!’

The Lord floated out of the deep, and the core of the earth closed up.

He walked among the children of men.


He has the gift of life.

He is alive forever more!

His name is Jesus, My Lord and Saviour!!


Wishing all my friends a lovely fun filled Easter, I am a daughter of the King, I have been redeemed and proudly so! Like the man in the picture, my joy is indescribable. God bless you all…

Thanks for reading.

Much love always. 🙂