An Old Man’s Tale!

Level Crossing at Barnes

Level Crossing at Barnes (Photo credit: Manic Street Preacher)

 I sat down quietly at home today when a friend of mine told me this story and I decided to write it down word for word. She said she read it somewhere but it was too good to pass on! Enjoy:

 An old man was driving back from town with

his wife continually providing unwanted

advice from the back seat. When they arrived at

a level crossing, the car stalled halfway across the

line, just as a train came roaring towards them.

”Move you idiot!” screamed the man’s wife, ”Get

the car off the tracks!” The old man turned and

calmly replied, ”You’ve been doing all the driving

from the back seat, and I’ve got my end across – see

what you can do with yours.”

It’s sad that some women are extremely controlling, I saw the funny side of this story, did you?

Thanks for reading my post!

Much love friends!