Lingering Shadows

Too Many Shadows

Too Many Shadows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the words of a song I heard today which made a big impression on me,

”Though The Shadows Lingers All Around Us,

Let us Turn Our Faces To The Light”

Shadows will forever be part of us as humans, I have never seen a man born of a woman who has no shadow but this could also be used metaphorically.

What kind of shadows kept lingering or trailing behind us? These shadows could cut our lives short and make us miserable, like the shadows of deceit, of anger, of adultery, of lies or lying, shadows of un forgiveness? Shadows of fear, of death, of failure…

The list is endless but my like my husband used to say,

”You are the only person who can make yourself happy,”

And I think he is right, I don’t think our happiness  should be based on the approval of others or their behavior towards us, rather, I opined that we should discard every lingering shadow which could draw us deeper in the quagmire of sorrow by liking ourselves for who we are.

So friends, let’s enjoy ourselves by turning our faces to the light of love, hope, forgiveness and friendship.

I am not writing this because of  Christmas,  rather, I am writing this post to encourage us to LIVE and actually enjoy our lives, life is too short…

Thanks for reading my post friends!