Bless You!

Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to t...

Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to take a hankie photo cos I have a cold and sneezed! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of Britain is soggy, wet, windy, cold and most of the west Midlands, Wales and parts of Scotland had been issue with  flood warnings, it’s not an enticing prospect.

It’s been a very unpleasantly wet day and to cap it up, I caught a cold. Well… you might say having a cold is not a big deal but to me it is. I could have been perfectly okay with the cold but for the sneezing and headache, it was hell!

I was able to do most of my work except working on the computer,  the screen was blurry and I couldn’t see a thing which was when the ‘bless you’ began. I sneezed the first time, and my kids chorused together,

Bless you,” and courtesy demands that I say thank you (that’s our unspoken rule in the house, don’t know about other families)

Second sneeze!

”Bless you,” (Thank you)

And by the time it was the third, fourth, fifth sneezes going on to the sixth, I yelled in frustration,

”Don’t bless me again!”

And typical of my six-year-old daughter, she asked coyly with traces of a smile lurking around the corner of her mouth,

”Mum, what’s the opposite of bless you,” I thought about it before answering and said without looking at her.


But she didn’t buy that and her older brother chipped in, ”Opposite of bless you is….” And I cut in before he could complete the statement.

”Any one cares for Open Season? I asked and was able to diffuse the tension, wouldn’t want my children saying the opposite of bless you! ‘Open Season’ is a very funny movie we all love watching, it featured Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher.

Kids are funny and honest, unlike adults!


I have been given two great awards within three days and I am so grateful, I promise to write a post on it and announce my nominees, everyone deserved it anyway and it’s been a pleasure connecting with such intelligent, awesome friends. Wish I could see everyone and we’ll have a great party. Thanks folks for reading my post always.

Love and Peace!