The Human Story Film: There is Hope

My new documentary, The Human Story, premiered on YouTube on 28 September, 2021.

The Human Story documentary explores the effects of the COVID-19 virus on women and how they coped with household chores and taking care of their families while some were also working during the first and second lockdowns. As at the time of filming in May 2021, the virus had claimed the lives of over 2.71 million people, and by the time we wrapped up filming in August 2021, over 4.55 million people had sadly died.  

As a practising Christian, hope is an integral part of my being, it’s something I hold on to when life gets so boring and unbelievably tough. But my hope is not in myself. It’s in God. I am an optimist. I believe in a better world, I always have, it’s inbuilt, it’s like an innate ability that no matter what happens now, there will be a better tomorrow. Life is sometimes painful, and as we trudge through it, we may have moments punctuated with joy, optimism, and hope. We can turn things around and that message of hope was the main driving force while I was producing this latest film.

The devastation and uncertainty of the pandemic are so pervasive that the loss of lives was one of the visual aspects of the virus. The hidden cost of the disease lies in lost jobs, shuttered businesses, economic devastation, and a mental health crisis that is seething underneath nations trying to crawl out of static survival mode to some form of normalcy. Every nation of the world is trying to claw back their dignity, and people are still struggling.

The core message of The Human Story is encouraging women to take care of themselves and their mental health. There is hope for everyone going through depression, fear, and anxiety; however, the first thing is recognising that one needs help. Anxiety and fear are so common now that it’s been trivialised, and they shouldn’t be. Recent events, such as the brutal murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, is preying on people’s minds. I had to go out yesterday in the night, and while coming back home, I was extra careful. Although I wasn’t afraid, many women aren’t as bold as I am, and it’s scary if we feel unsafe in our own city. A colleague once told me that she’s afraid of going out at night in London. As a Londoner, I tried to defend my town, but my voice sounded hollow because I think she was right deep down. Violence against women is increasing. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

However, despite everything, I believe we can defeat fear and live free. I hope that many women will find ways to live better, stronger, and more stress-free lives while every single moment of their lives.

Greenwich Park, London

I am launching a new YouTube channel called ‘The Peace Project with Sandra S David,’ I would be discussing ways we can eliminate fear, anxiety, and worry through practical, proven methods. Life is short. Live it well!

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6 comments on “The Human Story Film: There is Hope

  1. Congratulations on your new documentary, The Human Story, it was a great film.
    Christy Nelson.

  2. Luanne says:

    Congrats on the documentary and the youtube channel!

  3. Jeff says:

    Very good. Subscribed to your channel.<3

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