And I watched…

Face of courage

 (Photo credit: Glenda Otero)

And I watched through the centuries as men

protected their young, their women, their homes.

And I watched as men built kingdoms, roads and empires.

And I watched as men walked the moon, save the sick, put food on the table.

And I watched in awe as great men worked tirelessly,

To save the world.

Men of timber and calibre, men who love with simplicity.

Men who shoulder responsibilities without squirming.

Men with the courage of lions who turned away from no foes.

And I watched my dad, husband, sons, brothers, relatives, friends

Try to live their footprints in the sands of time.

I love men.

I married one, a daughter to one, a mother to two.

Men are great, and the few and rotten who rape women,

who kill and plunder are not MEN.

They are NOTHING!

I want to pay tribute to great men, to my father, Peter Nelson, you are adored in my eyes, to the man who married me, Kay, I love you with all my heart, you complete me, to great men I have met on my blogging journey, they are many and I hold you all in the highest esteem! To my girlfriends and sisters, (don’t be jealous, I love you, you know that!)

 God bless you all!!

Love always! 🙂 🙂

Seyi Sandra David.

44 comments on “And I watched…

  1. There are great men indeed… that’s a good way to paint men, Men have been getting bad press nowadays, not with the recent raping in India. Thank you Ms. Seyi Sandra David!

  2. Beautifully written Seyi.


    • Seyi sandra says:

      Thank you Ms. Folashade, I’ve done several posts and paid tributes to women and I thought men too deserve some accolades. Thank you for your visit and kind comment, I appreciate it!
      Blessings! 🙂

  4. cookiecharm says:

    Gosh, I am so blessed to call you my blog friend. Your words move me. I find myself having to read it aloud the third and fourth time. Perfectly written. A wonderful tribute. I always enjoy your posts.

  5. RoSy says:

    A nice post recognizing that there are many great men still out there.
    Thanks for the love to us gals too 😉

  6. LizzieJoy says:

    A lovely tribute and very well voiced. Bless you, dear friend.

  7. Uzoma says:

    Aw, ten gbosa for you!! Thanks for the special shout out to all the good men of this world. We are proud of you, sis. You’re a big blessing.

  8. ledrakenoir says:

    Excellent written, as usual… 🙂 😉

  9. adamjasonp says:

    Yes, good men — real Men take responsibility, while… the cat looks like it’s yawning.

  10. A lovely tribute to your father! Here’s to the men who have values of kindness and authenticity xx

  11. I’m totally with you, praising the “men who shoulder responsibilities without squirming.

    Men with the courage of lions who turned away from no foes.” I’ve never seen it written better!

  12. Lady Lovely says:

    What a great tribute! I just love this!

  13. gageier says:

    Hallo Seyi sehr schön geschrieben ein sehr interessanter Blog ,wünsche dir ein schönen Sonntag eine Umarmung Klaus

  14. Hiya Seyi
    I haven’t left a comment in a while – sorry. Just to let you know, I’m still loving reading your posts
    Many thanks

  15. Shards Of DuBois says:

    beautiful poem. spectacular photo. I love that you chose the one yawning, like he’s so bored. lol

  16. Seyi, this poem is music to my ears! Yes, most men are real men and need our respect – good on you! I just went hiking yesterday with my oldest son, and I really admired how much he looked out for me… he learned it from his dad/my husband.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Seyi sandra says:

      I’m glad you like it Wendy! Just like your son and husband, they epitomise the kind of men I wrote about. There are still great men around! Thanks for your visit and comment!
      Much love. 🙂

  17. utesmile says:

    Wonderful tribute to men, I have/had wonderful men in my life and they deserve praise. As you say the rotten ones are not men! I like that!

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