To Kill Or Not To Kill?

The Kill

The Kill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’ s a little frustrating for me when I kill off some of the characters I don’t like in my novels. Like the current one I am writing now, I had to kill off a guy I loved ( I thought he was going to be good and then decided against it) I noticed he’s got some hidden secrets and so I just had to let him go, if he stayed, it could ruin things for a lot of people (characters).

It’s funny because I actually FEEL my characters… I often questioned their motives, behaviour and reasons they are in the plot. Boring and time-consuming isn’t it? But that’s just me, a realist fiction writer!

I was still battling with my decision when my children came back from school and they asked me about the novel, this conversation ensues between my 6-year-old daughter and myself, her name is Elizabeth.

Me: ”Hey guys, how was school today?”

Elizabeth: ” It was ok mum, how was your writing?”

Me:  ”Not bad, I am thinking of killing one of my best characters,” And I told her a little about the plot (She’s written a hundred word story by the way, we’re still looking for publishers, she told me she wanted to be rich like me, I wish!)

Elizabeth: ”I think you should still give him a chance…” then there was a pause and she added, ”Don’t you think you’ll go to jail if you kill XXA (name of the character)

Me: ” No, I won’t, I created him, so I can kill him.” I explained smiling, such innocence.

My son entered my office, ( a cool corner in the house) and the expression on his face was one of uncertainty (he’s ten), he asked politely if he could give his opinion and I agreed.

Samuel: ” Why not ask your readers what they want?”

Me: ”Thanks dear, I’ll put that into consideration.”

And that ended our conversation but I was back to square one, to kill or not to kill? At the end of the day, I decided to give him another chance but I am still going to kill him, soon…

I am a very shy writer, I get so protective of my work so I won’t be asking what you guys think yet until the novel is out.

And I am feeling emotional right now, I have met some wonderful people on this blog journey. Creative, intelligent and brilliant  friends and I  just want to say I love you guys!

Au revoir…

I’ll be back! (Arnold used to say that in most of his films, right? How weird!)

10 comments on “To Kill Or Not To Kill?

  1. You have a smart 6 yr old, I think writing novels is in his blood 🙂

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Elizabeth: ”Don’t you think you’ll go to jail if you kill XXA (name of the character)

    Me: ” No, I won’t, I created him, so I can kill him.”

    Elizabeth: “Does that mean you can kill Samuel.”


    Elizabeth: “And do you have to ask Daddy if its OK?”

    P.S. This is meant to be a smile-inducer about the way young children think. I do hope you take it that way and are not offended.

  3. Seyi sandra says:

    It’s alright Ben, my husband thought nothing of it. Kids say all sorts of things and it shouldn’t be taken literarily. My love to your wife. Cheers!

  4. Manu Kurup says:

    I think Arnold said that a little too often. They pull his leg in The Expendables 2 for that.. 😀
    Anyway, I think kids have a clean slate for mind and their beliefs and opinions can be thought-provoking as well as shockingly innocent. 🙂

  5. Seyi sandra says:

    You’re right, just a word from a kid could send you reeling in laughter or make you cry!

  6. What a lovely,warm post and blog.

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